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Angry German Kid Goes To Liquid Generation is the first episode in the first season of NicholasTheVideoMaker2005's Angry German Kid series. It was posted from YouTube on February 20, 2019. In the episode, Leopold decided after about told about this website founded in 2000 and it's called Liquid Generation. But Leopold decided to visit this website and plays fun games...not as a good scare and it happens to realize and what happens.


Beginning the episode. Leopold visits the website and it to play fun games...not as a good scare and what it happens to realize and it happened. then he plays the flash game is called Annoy The Hindu, where he picks on the hindu. the Hindu will calmly say something like “Enough!”, “Ouch!” or “No more!” and the Anger Level bar will go up When it reaches about the halfway point, the Hindu will suddenly freak out and leap towards the screen with a loud scream as if he was trying to strangle the viewer and it will get a screamer. then he rages and says "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!?!??!?!??!!!, Why this simple flash game turned into a shitty screamer!!. Did they thought this website putting to another scream. when the flash was to be finished?!!". where he tries the next one is Fire Safety with Ready Freddie the Fire Teddy. but rather, it disguises itself as kid friendly animation in order to trick him into playing the flash game due to its innocent looking title. Nevertheless, it still contains a moment which can be considered not a screamer. Leopold unplugs the one with a smiley bulb on it, Freddie gets electrocuted, violently screams, and the screen flashes, then it cuts back to a now charred Freddie, who, enraged, starts swearing and it is bleeped out. Leopold laughs at the teddy for cussing and swearing in the flash animation. he goes next with the another one which it is called The Cutest Kids in Costumes. where Leopold saws the cutest kids costumes from halloween. but suddenly After the 13th image where an edited picture of a man with sharp teeth, four eyes and black knuckles looking monster who is doing a thumbs up gesture, will suddenly pop up and zoom in with a loud, high-pitched scream, and then briefly blink with all four eyes, and Leopold screams and he rages and he says "You can't even have a flash game of cutest kids pictures and a edited picture of a man and turned into screamer! "FUCK, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!!???!?!!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?". and he rages at the computer because he wants to next another one which is Extreme Video: Car Crash. but currently also it is graphic content which is gore related where he watches the video instead after begins with the cop gets hit, poorly drawn blood splatters all over the along with the cop's head rolling on the bottom of the screen. Another LG sabotage and scares him and what he and pissed his pants where he says: "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". he rages towards the video where he goes to last one it is Dress Up the Snowman. where Leopold put clothes on the snowman, the player can simply drag-and-drop the clothes onto him. When the player is done, there is a Watch Him Dance button. when he clicks the button, a skeleton jumps out of the snowman screams and threatens to "DIE" three times where leopold hates this website for that where he cannot visit this website because he will rage completely and where he says "I'M SICK ENTIRE OF THIS STUPID WEBSITE WHERE I PLAYING GAMES IT IS FULL OF SCREAMERS, AND I WILL NEVER GOING TO THIS SHITTY WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". after that because he will pissed off this website because he will refuse to visit this website after it is not until a good scare and what happens, and it ends.


  • The website is called Liquid Generation, it's like humor and entertainment founded in 2000. It produced and hosted a fun of number original animations, flash games, quizzes and videos. the website is taken down due to with the entire Liquid Generation website.
  • Leopold has been playing these flash games ago from Liquid Generation. but he hates it but the flash games which may contain screamers.