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Angry German Kid in the Future Title logo introduce in Episode 21

Angry German Kid in the Future is an AGK Science Fiction series made by Pauladrian360. Unlike the other AGK series this series is focus on more Action than a comedy (they have less comedy however in this series) and it has darker climax compare to other AGK series. The series was later cancelled due to pauladrian360's inactivity.

Character design

The character design was drastically edited to look futuristic (except AVGN where he's wearing nintendo accessories in his review of Super Mario Bros. 3), example Leopold now wears blue shirt w/ belt and red scarf resembles to Jak w/ additional of sunglasses, Richter wears Blue T-Shirt w/ belt same with Leopold w/ an exception of his brown scarf instead of red and now wields the Light Eco Whip instead of his Vampire Killer, Marc now wearing blue and red spy suit (gloves and boots still remains the same),  Cyclops now had an armor and Irate Gamer wears Grey and Red Shirt.

Plot (Major Spoiler)

The First Arrival

Leopold invited his friend (Marc, Richter, AVGN, Cyclops and The Irate Gamer) to his birthday party when Leopold is playing a new game called Jak II (he used PCSX2 emulator maybe). But suddenly he saw an image of an unknown organization appeared on his computer, Leopold got frustrated and accidentally smash his keyboard which caused them to send in the future known as Haven City (Jak's World) where he met Jak and Daxter which they already know him because he played his game. From that day Jak follows the six to their headquarters where they met other characters from Jak and Daxter even Jake Randolf (somehow Leopold didn't know each other). Jak asked the six to change their appearance and trained to become part of their team, Leopold accept Jak and they started their training in the place called Dead Town where the tasks is to Capture the Flag (same in the actual Jak game). They succeeded and returned to Jak's headquarters giving the six a welcome from joining the team. Here they discuss about an evil organizations known as the Seven Hells lead by Clow Reed in which Leopold saw them from his computer that they're actually planning to dominate the city.

First Battle with Fred

Torn later finds the seven trespassers arrive in Haven City thinking that it might be Leopold's friend from the past, the six looks for them and it turns out it was Crash Bandicoot, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Dylan and Max Kirrin, Max Baldry, Eric Lecarde and Marc's younger brother Tony Clark who's also sent in this time but they were ambush by the robotic version of FRED known as the Figglebots one of Fred's minion and a part of the Seven Hells, AVGN face the figglebots and finished it w/ the F-Bombs. Later the six follows them to Jak's headquarters to trained them as well. Meanwhile Fred once again attacked the Haven City without a trace. The team later encounter Fred but escaped once again only Leopold was left while the others chasing Fred. However Jak send Jake to give Leopold a new weapon called the Morph Keyboard created by Jak, Leopold tested the gun by eliminating the Figglebots while Jake uses his Peace Maker to wiped them, later the team already found Fred and suddenly Leopold and Jake arrives just in time. Leopold convince the team to return to their headquarters remaining Leopold and Jake to face Fred. The two chases Fred and hit him with his Scatter Keyboard. After Fred was eliminated by Leopold the mysterious orb appeared on Fred body, Leopold accidentally touch the orb and transform himself into his Dark form known as Dark Leopold/AGK. Jake sent Richter to revert Leopold's Dark form and give a new weapon mod for Leopold. Jake convinced Leopold that his Dark Powers can be remove once he faced his counterpart and Richter told Leopold that the Oracle is the only way to teach Leopold about his Dark Power. The team arrives on Oracle and Leopold learn a new Dark move, the team returns to their headquarters giving Leopold a Sausage Eggs for his victory against Fred.

Recruiting a new Team

Meanwhile the Seven Hells Leader Eriol send Katara to eliminate Leopold this time. Meanwhile In Jak's room, Leopold is playing a game Jak X during his break time, however the computer get crashed and the image of Katara appeared on his computer. Leopold told the team that the Seven Hells have another plan, Torn tells Leopold to search for Shiroe Seki Ray for a new weapon mod. Jak sends Leopold, Jake, Richter, and AVGN to their mission to find him. Later the team heard a scream from the ground while riding at the hover car which they found it was Shiroe who is cornered by the Katara's. The team stop Katara but Shiroe was in panic when he met the team thinking he was one of them. Richter tell him that they're friends of Jak and he needs his help to fight against the Seven Hells. Shiroe was hesitated and let the team to stay to his apartment.

Meeting with Captain PS

During their rest in his apartment, Shiroe gave Leopold another task to go back to Dead Town to see the sacred site, the team accepted his offer but a mysterious young man in a bonnet hat has a task to spy on Leopold. After they arrive in Dead Town, Leopold and his friends finds out that the Sacred Site which where looking for is actually Hyrule (a place where Leopold used to live aside from Germany) which is now ruins and neglected. Jake explained that Hyrule was invaded by the Seven Hells 200 years ago. The team are almost leaving but they where ambush by a guy who's spying on Leopold, but he was saved by the two strangers, named Ren Kannagi and Damien Thorn explained that the person who tries to eliminate him is Randy, a member of Haven Trolls. After the second fight with Randy, they arrived in Sundler's bar also their secret hideout (referred to them as basement for no reason), there he met a Bartender named Peter Sundler a.k.a Captain PS, a former member of PS Team and a friend of Jak (despite he doesn't know Leopold and his friends yet), and Jomy Marquis Shin wants to help Leopold and his friends against the Seven Hells. The team later leaves including Jomy but got ambush by Randy once again but failed with help of Jomy's psychic powers. The team however got pursuited by the cops and suceeds the escape. After their return to Shiroe's Apartment, Leopold received a letter from Katara, she tells him that she kidnapped Shiroe to face her, however he left a mod before he got kidnapped.

Reuniting with the Team

The team reunites with Jak as well as Peter, Ratchet and Sly Cooper to discussed where Shiroe was kidnapped. Jak tells Leopold that Shiroe is located in Baron's Fortress a place where Baron Praxis lives. The team arrives hearing his scream that means his nearby. The Team Split out where Leopold stays with Peter, Jake and Ratchet while Jak stays with Richter, AVGN and Jomy. Shiroe was found tied up by Leopold with Katara appears suddenly. The team AGK defeated Katara, however Peter explains Leopold about his Dark Power he used during the fight. He offers not to use it or he will become a beast himself. Leopold accepts Peter's offer to destroy the Dark Eco. Meanwhile Jak and his team was encountered by Baron Praxis and the Krimzon Guards after retrieving a last mod for Leopold. Richter suddenly used his whip to Baron to stun him while Jak shoots them with a peace maker to keep him away from distance, the team successfully escapes. Back in heaquarters Shiroe explained that it was Praxis who kidnapped him not Katara and sets a trap for Leopold to lure him. Meanwhile in Seven Hells Lair, Eriol got frustrated by Baron from letting them escape.

Praxis Treachery

Meanwhile in Haven Headquarters, The Team AGK found that Praxis was destroying the City so he could face Jak. The Team prepared for their mission to fight Baron. Richter, Jake, Ratchet, Marc and Peter defeated a bunch of Krimzon Guards in the Subway while Dylan, Eric, Shiroe, Leopold and Jak encountered Praxis however they were captured and send them to the Prison. Jak later contacts Peter to free the team. They succeeded the escape except for Leopold, Jak and Peter who was encountered by Praxis, the three deals with Praxis and defeats him but Jak was later shot by Praxis. During his recover in Huerta Memorial Hospital Peter tells Jak that he need to take a rest for a matter of time. Outside the Hospital Leopold and Peter got interviewed by a news reporter Khalisah Al-Jilani from Citadel. She explains them about their fight with Praxis and the Seven Hells. Peter replies that they can handle them despite Wesker being the strongest member of them while Leopold replies that he defeated Praxis with his Morph Keyboard. Meanwhile Jomy received a distress call from The Seven Hells explains that their plan was changed instead of dominating not only Haven City but the whole World as well including Kagutsuchi, Elysium and Spargus. Peter tells Jomy to take care of Jak while searching for the Seven Hells.

Searching for a Mysterious Artifact

Back in Haven City, Peter discussed about the Seven Hells newest plan. Meanwhile Leopold saw a three mysterious artifact held by Shiroe known as the Time Emblem. He explains that the Time Emblem requires six of them to access back in their own time. Leopold and Peter reveals that it was located in the same location where the Seven Hells planning to dominate. The two was in hurry but Torn tells them that the ship was under repair however Peter had a friend who has it. The three went to Alister Azimuth Peter's friend and convinced them if he can borrow his ship in case of emergency however Azimuth refused to borrow his ship but instead giving them their own ship as well as Armor for Leopold for Protection. He presented a ship called the Aphelion II (similar to Aphelion in R&CF Series). The two went on Kagutsuchi on their first trip, there he met a young vigilante named Carl Clover who's being ambushed by Haven Trolls. Leopold and Captain PS interrogates them revealing that they're working for Doctrine Dark a member of Seven Hells. Carl joins the team to aid them to against the Seven Hells and search for Time Emblem. In the Altar of Kagutsuchi they found Doctrine Dark almost retrieving the Time Emblem. The team fights Dark and defeated, retrieving the 4th Time Emblem and leave.  

Stucked in Kagutsuchi

Meanwhile in Seven Hells Lair, Eriol got frustrated due to his failure, there he decided to contact his friend from Kagutsuchi to distract the two from succeeding. Back in Kagutsuchi the team including Carl was distracted by an unknown person but escaped by Peter's strategy. After they succeed an escape Leopold asked Carl that the person who chased them is Iron Tager, later the team decided to stay and find a safe place. During their stay, the two was met by Litchi Faye-Ling who was impressed by their clothing. There she explained that Iron Tager a member of Sector Seven working with Kokonoe where she used to be a part of the organization until she realize what happened to her friend (refering to Arakune). After their conversation with Litchi, Leopold decided to upgrade his armor. The next day, the two encountered Tager along with Kokonoe revealing that she has a contact with Eriol Hiiragizawa to eliminate Leopold and Peter. Litchi arrive along with Taokaka just in time, and deals Kokonoe while the two escape, Tager in the other hand was dealt with Bang Shishigami while chasing the two. The team return to port however the ship couldn't fit at Carl, Ada and Taokaka due to a lower capacity of a cockpit, he contact Torn and tells the two that the shuttle is done and ready to go. While waiting for a shuttle Tager appears once again, Carl is ready to face Tager but Leopold and Peter convince him not to fight him due to his sister's condition and decide him to wait until the ship arrives. The two deals with Tager but he was too tough to beat him, however the ship arrives and beat Tager with help of Ratchet. Peter convince Ratchet to take Carl, Ada and Taokaka to safety while the two are still searching for the Time Emblem. The team left Kagutsuchi and proceed to their next destination.  

Arrival in Elysium

Meanwhile in Elysium, Megaman Volnutt is still trapped 14 years after the events of Megaman Legends 2 however he saw Satan/Devil Bores who feels very triumphant to destroy Elysium and steal the Time Emblem. Megaman runs away before he was caught by Satan's fireball. The next scene goes to Leopold and Peter finally landed in Elysium where Leopold is very curious that Elysium is just like moon. the Two began to search for the Time Emblem while Leopold got accidentally bumped by Megaman who is running away from Satan. He explains that there's a hidden temple located in Elysium that contains Time Emblem, the three rush to the Temple while Satan who has a companion offerred him to sneak on those three. The three reach the Temple resembling Hitler's bunker however the Time Emblem was taken by Satan after they went inside. Satan's companion was revealed to be Wolfram von Bielefeld who was once Peter's friend of his. Peter and Leopold catch the Time Emblem from Satan, while the two also attempt to beat Satan but was guarded by Wolfram realizing he was contolling by Satan. Ratchet arrived just in time while Carl and Tao guarding the ship. Leopold and Ratchet distracts Wolfram while Peter and Megaman fights Satan which was later defeated by Megaman's Shining Laser and Wolfram was restored back to normal, the team escapes while the Temple is starting to collapse. After their escape, Megaman and Wolfram decided to join in their team respectively and leave Elysium to proceed to Spargus.

Meeting the Master of Antics

Meanwhile in Umbrella Corporation, Albert Wesker created an experiment known as Hitlesis (a combination of Hitler and Nemesis from Resident Evil) to eliminate the two and take the Time Emblem away from them. The next scene goes to Leopold and Peter where they landed in Spargus, however they we're ambush Hitlesis who was offered by Wesker to kill them but he was saved by a Robocop version of Fegelein after they attempt to escape from him. After Hitlesis fled, Leopold realized that he and Peter we're actually closed friends from their timeline, Fegelein also knew that Leopold is from the past this was due to his antics skills.



Recurring Characters

Major Supporting Characters

Minor Supporting Characters

  • Dylan Kirrin
  • Max Kirrin
  • Max Baldry
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Marvin the Paranoid Android
  • Eric Lecarde
  • Tony Clark


The Seven Hells

  • Eriol Hiiragizawa
  • Albert Wesker
  • Satan (Based on the Satan in AVGN review of Super Mario Bros 3 later Devil Bores)
  • Doctrine Dark
  • Baron Praxis
  • Creepy Katara
  • Fred Figglehorn

Haven Trolls

  • Randy
  • Turkish Spiderman
  • Jimmy
  • Michael

Other Villains

Minor Characters

  • Torn
  • Ashelin
  • Kiera Hagai
  • Samos Hagai
  • Ren Kannagi
  • Damien Thorn (Based on Damien Omen II)
  • Litchi Faye-Ling
  • Bang Shishigami
  • Linhua
  • Wolfram von Bielefeld
  • Rin and Len Kagamine
  • Bridget
  • Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
  • Altair Ibn La-Ahad
  • Alpha 45 (Based on Alpha 5 from Power Rangers)


  • This is supposed to be a second season of pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series while the first season is Angry German Kid LOL, but instead the AGK in the Future became a mainstream series due to his absence in year 2011 - 2013.
  • After Episode 20, the series was toned down the Language that means cussing words are less in the Episode. This was due that pauladrian360 want's his series more maturity look.
    • Speaking of After Episode 20 this storyline is now have priority with Captain PS .
    • Also Leopold Slikk is a friendly person in this series.
  • This was the Darkest AGK Series yet.