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Angry German Kid Looks Up The New Evangelion Movies is a episode made by a former youtuber known as jmedina. The episode features current information based on Rebuild Of Eva and The Live Action Film that made to the US and this is the same series made by studio gainax And kahara the same company who also owned Studio Trigger, Gonzo and one of the earliler Movies being made By Prodction I.G and distributed by Funimation and Manga Entertament for the US Release and the Video is made on March 7.


It was a normal day in Leopold's house when Gunter told Leopold about the new Evangelion movies, then Leopold decided to search these movies on the internet. The information he found was about the Rebuild Of Evangelion until he found a Wikipedia page about until he fount out about Evangelion 1.0. After that, Leopold started Singing "Let's Get Lost".

He heard that Asuka didn't made an Apperence in the first film until he checked the release confirmed by Wikipedia, the movies have been released in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Signapore and Australia. But the movie never came out in the United States, Latin America and Canada, but not in Eurpoe until he found out about a live action movie, the movie was made by WETA Workshop, the SFX Studio.

After that, Leopold went in IMDB to look up one more time until he fount about the release the release date about Evangelion 1.0 for the United States successfuly, and Leopold is planning to kill Hedaki Anno. After that, Leopold took one more look at the live action movie until the movie started to be in progress, making him mad, and started to smash his keyboard.


  • Gunter Adia Slikk (Mentioned)
  • Shinji Ikari (Mentioned)
  • Asuka (Mentioned)
  • Rei (Mentioned)
  • Hediaki Anno (Mentioned)


  • Some subtitles in the video seems to be in Portuguese instead of English.
  • There's no NewType magazine on the desk.
  • The release date of the movies is later than 2009.
Country NGE/EOE D&R 1.0 2.0 3.0 1.0+3.0
Japan 1995 1997 2007 2009 2012 TBA
US 1995 (Video Only) 2002 2009 2011 2014 TBA
Europe 1998 (Toonami Only) 2001 2009 2012 2015 TBA


  • The Portuguse subtitles are referencing a mention from a movie that was released in 2001.
  • Evangelion is made by Studio Gainax and the Rebuild.
  • Studio Kahara and the characters in the video were made by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.
  • Leonard SlikkLeonidas Slikk and Kaeru Otoko seem to appear in the Video despite that there are many characters in the AGK universe who are German and/or Japanese
  • Like in many other parodies, the game Unreal Tournament can be heard but never played.