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This is a list of the different types of parody styles that many people make. This list may be updated later on.

Basic subtitles

The easist form. Simply take the footage of AGK and add subtitles. There is very little to no edits, therefore one uses the footage itself as a base, adding subtitles depending on what he is doing.


AGK episode 1 Angry German Kid goes on eBay

One shot skit

This one takes an advance approach to the basic form. Editing has effort on it to add to the setting such as adding flares, imposing an image, or adding additional video to make Leopold look as if he is doing something else, like video game footage to make him look like he is playing a game.


Angry german kid plays guitar hero with his keyboard?


While the one shot's are mainly made for humor on itself, episodic sagas are created to have continuity. They are usually numbered by how far they have gone and most of the time include a regular cast of characters that are not one shots. These are full fledge stories that continue on from one episode to the next.


AGK Episode 70 Angry German Kid Babysits His Brothers Part I

This episode features things that were present in earlier installments.


Very rare but sometimes some videos are feature length, sometimes going over the 1 hour limit, but sometimes may just be a full episode condense into smaller parts. They are usually not canon with the show they are made from. Usually has the word "movie" on the title of the video.


Angry German Kid's Movie Part 1

Music video

Very popular in Japan, where they take footage of AGK and put it in rhythm to music, mostly always Touhou.


【Lord Crusher's Elemental Keyboard】