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The Angry German Kid Show 2 aka AGK Show 2 is the 2nd series of Adrenaline21's AGK Series, a non-canon series filled with comedy, horror, action, romance and anything else unless creative to pick the genre. The storylines of the episodes don't follow the previous ones (some of the episodes follow such as "AGK's Pirate Adventure part 2, etc.). Adrenaline21 will plan to release this series' premiere after AGK: FS ended.




  • Adolf Hitler
  • Alfred Jodl
  • Barney
  • Caillou
  • Dora
  • Master Frown
  • Brock the Tombstone
  • etc.

List of Episodes

Pre-AGK:FM Episodes

No Episode Description Release Date
1 How I meet Fabrice? This title is a parody of "How I met Your Mother?"
2 Fabrice-Cadabra This title is a parody of "Abracadabra"
3 No Annoying Mascots Allowed This title is a parody of Spongebob Squarepants' episode named "No Weenies Allowed"
4 AGK rants GoFags! GoAnimate, an online animation made by Alvin Hung became worse since 2016 due to the clichè GoAnimate users made such as Grounded, Dead Meat and Punishment day videos. So, Leopold takes the rant about GoAnimate.
5 Drone Race When Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru play their drones happily, Hitler controls his robot to challenge them race.

Will Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru win their race against Hitler? Find out.

Based on Annoying Orange

6 AGK meets Unikitty
7 AGK babysits His Brothers part 1 When Leopold's parents, Harold and Gladys are going to take their camping during 3 days, they leave Leopold, Leonard and Leonidas away from the house.

Will Leopold successfully babysits Leonard and Leonidas 3 days?

Note: Based on Bunnicula (2016 ver.)

8 AGK babysits His Brothers part 2 After Leonard drinks Invisible juice that makes Leopold and Leonidas scared,

Tomorrow morning, Harold and Gladys finally arrive into the home

Will Leopold and his brothers getting grounded? Find out.

Based on Bunnicula (2016 ver.)

9 Vampires in Berlin At 8:00 PM, Berlin has been invaded by Hitlercula (a portmanteau of Adolf Hitler and Dracula), this guy bites an officer man and turns him into vampire. As the progress, the Hitlercula bitten victims bite every population into vampires until the remaining such as Leopold's crew (Leopold, Johnny, Fegelein, Jack, Adrenaline21, Gene, Fabrice, Noah, James, Jayden, Himmler, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru are part of it).

Tomorrow morning, Fabrice announces to Leopold's crew that all of the Berlin population has been transformed into vampires and hid themselves in Führerbunker due to vampire's weakness is the sun. After Fabrice announces the news, Noah gives Leopold's crew vampire hunting tool.

Later night, Leopold's crew is ready to hunt the vampires.

Will Leopold's crew solves the vampire hunting? Find out.

Note: Based on The Tom and Jerry Show (2014 ver.)

10 Puppycorn's Birthday Party Note: Based on The Tom and Jerry Show (2014 ver.)
11 It's "Ass-Golf" Time! This title is a parody of Power Rangers' catchphrase as "It's Morphin Time" and this is a pun to Adolf Hitler's name by Leopold in Adrenaline21's AGK Series.

In the morning, Leopold's crew take some golf course until Spencer hits Hitler's head with the golf ball, then, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru makes a joke about Hitler. He goes angry and chases them with Golf Car.

Note: Based on Oggy and the Cockroaches episode "Golf Curse" and "The Mini-Golf War" and Spongebob Squarepants episode "Friendly Game".

14 AGK takes Idiotic Quiz Based on "AGK takes Stupid Quiz" by many Slikkers
15 AGK's Pirate Adventure part 1
16 AGK's Pirate Adventure part 2
17 AGK's Pirate Adventure part 3

Between AGK: FM and AGK: FM~The Movie~ Episodes

No Episode Description Release Date
18 AGK's exploration in Führerbunker
19 AGK plays Super Mario Advance 4
20 AGK rants Modern Indonesian TV Shows In the past, Indonesian TV Shows were really great such as music show that has the real singers and bands, electronema that has good morals, well-written stories and released on every week, etc.

Now, Indonesian TV Shows have been filled with horrible taste of entertaining, such as Dahsyat (has been punished by the Indonesian Broadcasting Commitee several times due to inappropriate things) and Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala (an electronema that teach us into rich instantly but that's not good. If we want to be rich instantly, we should work harder and harder every time).

Leopold takes another rant, the 1st one was GoAnimate.

21 Challenge No.1: UNO
22 Challenge No.2: Try to not Laugh
23 Club Leopold Based on Spongebob Squarepants episode "Club Spongebob"
24 Snow Fight!!
26 AGK: Lost in Space part 1
27 AGK: Lost in Space part 2
29 Heatwave

Post-AGK: FM~The Movie~ Episodes

No Episode Description Release Date
31 AGK and the Tornado
40 AGK in Sports
45 Hitlernos!!


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