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Angry German Kid Strikes Back will be the successor of Guyisbackable's Angry German Kid: Returns series.


Leopold ends his office career after 2 days, for swearing one of unnamed female office workers for rude name, while her name is currently unknown. However, his computer wasn't successfully took away. Harold and Leopold get over and beat around with pillows and knives. Harold is fully injured, while Leopold gone to Harold's office and smashes his computer, and throws the computer from the terrace from Leopold's room.


  • All episodes will use the original AGK video, since the series' episodes will be full of custom-made backgrounds made in PowerPoint. However, the sound clips will be used from the AGK video.
  • The episodes will have different names. As example, it will not be "AGK does something".
  • No episodes with battle names will be done for the series.
  • Hitler will not appear in AGKSR episodes, since Guyisbackable will be confused with copyright notices (even he didn't got any strikes from Hitler parodies).
  • All of the content will be in 16:9.

Episodes and their descriptions

Season 1

#1: The School Day Confirmation

Leopold and Leonard confirm that they want to trash talk their teacher with lots of swear words and sending pornography content as replacement for their essays.

#2: KeyboardCrasherTV's Revenge[1]

Leopold sees more videos of him on YouTube, without any warning.

#3: The Dream of the Real Gangster

Leopold dreams of how his room will look like in the future, as he watches the "Das Comeback" video on YouTube, uploaded by KeyboardCrasherTV.

#4: The School Day

Leopold and Leonard go to school and do the plans as confirmed in the 1st episode.

#5: The New Kid Rises

Ronald meets Leopold with Leonard remaining intact.

#6: Parents, Leave Out!

Harold and Mary leave out Leopold and Leonard.

#7: Watch Out, Detention!

Leopold gets detention, for excessive playing of video games on the computer.

#8: U MAD, BRO?

Leopold gets massively angry after playing Pro Evolution Soccer 4, and losing against his brother.

#9: Earliest Christmas Ever

Leopold moves the time machine to December 25, leaving many changes to the weather.

#10: Boosting Traffic

Leopold drives very fast as almost nobody remained intact.

Season 2

#11: Grand Theft Leopold

Leopold brings up the CD and plays lots of music, while driving too fast and jumping from a big ramp, leaving out him exiting Germany. Sequel to "Boosting Traffic".

#12: Jail Time

Leopold kills his brother because Leonard was doing bad stuff to Leopold's room and gets arrested.

#13: Life Without a Brother

Leopold returns from jail and found that Leonard is alive.

#14: Pirate Maniacs

Leonard found out Harold is making pirated copies of TV shows, movies and video games.

#15: School = cut!

Leopold cuts school, as Leonard just refuses to take a test. Leonard soon left school too.

#16: Illegality

Leopold and Leonard do illegal downloading on their computers. However, Leonard's computer is affected by a virus.


Leonard and Leopold experience the power outrage.

#18: Tech Support

Leopold calls tech support for Leonard's computer, affected by one unfixable virus.

Welcome Back to Germany

#19 - part 1

Leopold's parents found out Leopold moved out from Germany, and thought the area he came is unknown.

#20 - part 2

Leopold's parents warned Leopold to get back to Germany.


  1. The name KeyboardCrasherTV is the name for the YouTube channel of the Angry German Kid. However, the same wordmark is not Leopold's alternative name, except for the "TV" part, and not spaced.