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  • Consider using Camtasia Studio or Vegas Pro for both starters and experienced users, respectively. Parodists don't recommend using Windows Movie Maker for obvious reasons.
  • You should get the image files and videos needed to make your AGK video. Consider searching on Youtube for the video. For sprites, facial expressions and other assets check this page.
  • Consider checking this page if you're running out of ideas.
  • If you want to record Leopold using his computer, use a good screen recorder and a virtual machine.

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Did you know...

...that Leopold is often physically abused by his father?

Random tips

To generate error messages, open Notepad and write this code:

x=msgbox(box text,buttons,box title)


x=msgbox("Error text.","16","Error")

Go to File > Save As Click Save As type > All files Add any name and add ".vbs" at the end of the file and click Save (for example File.vbs).

  • 0: Normal message box
  • 1: OK and Cancel
  • 2: Abort, Retry, Ignore
  • 3: Yes, No, Cancel
  • 4: Yes and No
  • 5: Retry and Cancel
  • 16: Critical message icon
  • 32: Warning query icon
  • 48: Warning message icon
  • 64: Information message icon
  • 4096: Always stay on top of the desktop

Look here for more instructions.

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