Episode Transcript

Angry German Kid meets Angry Japanese Kid is an AGK episode made by AzUrArInG.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Kaeru Otoko (Debut)
  • Angry Danish Kid (Debut) (Stock Footage from other AGK Parodists' videos)
  • The Teacher (Debut) (Stock Footage from other AGK Parodists' videos)


Leopold gets bored and decides to play Unreal Tournament.

It cuts to Kaeru Otoko, the Angry Japanese Kid, playing his computer but his father tells him that he's moving to Germany since he was expelled from all schools from Japan, which angers Angry Japanese Kid entirely, but his father doesn't care.

Harold Slikk finds out people are moving nearby him which causes him to get extremely angry about, Leopold tells him to calm down but Harold threatens to throw Leopold into the sun, upsetting Leopold.

They both meet each other and becomes friends, they later became friends with Angry Danish Kid, which all of them decide to beat someone up before the teacher comes and tells them to go to the principal's office, causing them all to get into trouble.

Programs Used

  • YouTube Video Editor

Music Used

  • TBA


  • The word tournament was misspelled as "torement".
  • One scene shows Harold Slikk as Leopold Slikk but with slowed down audio instead of his normal voice and look.
  • In the original version, there was a part of the video that was just the entire part of a slowed down AGK clip that was after what was suppose to end at the clip that was needed, this was fixed when it was re-uploaded.
  • When Harold Slikk threatens Leopold Slikk by throwing him to the sun, his voice isn't heard at all.


  • This is one of the few AGK episodes that AzUrArInG made that the creator himself hated, the others being AGK finds out that AzUrArInG was blocked in Wikipedia by JamesBWatson, AGK defeats JamesBWatson & blocks his Wikipedia account, and The Return.
  • This is the first appearance of Kaeru Otoko, the Angry Japanese Kid, in AzUrArInG's AGK series.
  • This is the first episode of the series to be re-uploaded due to a massive error found by AzUrArInG himself.
  • This episode featured mostly stock footage taken from other AGK Parodists' episodes such as the ending clip of Leopold Slikk, Kaeru Otoko, and Angry Danish Kid beating up someone only for the teacher to come by and force them to go to the principal's office.
  • AzUrArInG himself said this was his least favorite episode he made, mainly due to the rushed production as it was horribly made, such as the plot being nonsensical, containing several amounts of errors, and using stock footage from other AGK parodists' episodes of their own AGK series.
    • In fact due to him using footage from other AGK parodists, he later added something to the description of the video that he was sorry for even using footage of other AGK Parodists without permission and that he regretted making the episode in the first place.
  • The episode was inspired by Atarster's AGK episode titled, AGK Meets the Angry Japanese Kid, although the plots of the episodes are nothing alike.
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