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“Shooting dope with mads mikkelsen rn”

Angry Keyboard Memes (AKM) is a subgenre of the Angry german kid meme, in which the source is used to create parodies that are in the style of a shitpost which often create shitty retarded bizarre stories within


These parodies like said are often in the nature of a shitpost, which means that almost all of the content (Story, Argument, Visuals, etc) doesn't make any sense in the slightest, as an example, Leopold could either become rich in one episode or be killed in another and such events usually never carry to the next episode. Some of these videos can also be considered a satire of the AGK meme by either parodying moments from other parodists, cliches or even the arguments themselves. The parodies often use random humor and anti humor for it's comedy

Alt aKm Genres

  • aKm XDs
  • KeyWavy
  • Raw is Agk (wwe x agk)
  • Underground AGK

Shit Parodists

These are the parodists that are part of this genre

  • 1. xAgk (OG Owner)
  • 2. marsh301
  • 3. Steephy
  • 4. VladSlikk99
  • 5. SuPreMo_4k
  • 6. Zurkyz11 (President)
  • 7. sgt. pelds
  • 8. ZoullenHOH
  • 9. FleeKiezz (Retired)
  • 10. FlamBoiStudios
  • 11. KeyboardDestruction1999
  • 12. Xsypher
  • 13. ZoneOParodies
  • 14. MaiYass
  • 15. OzzyPippin
  • 16. WeenerBruhs
  • 17. Wiggies
  • 18. JeNeZiZ
  • 19. BushSkrubsInc.
  • 20. JewGrassickTV
  • 21. YungBleany
  • 22. MaTVision
  • 23. FallenAGK (Retired)
  • 24. PENTAkilloGRAM
  • 26. TheKeyboardGod
  • 27. AgkFrenchSeries
  • 28. AgkVoiceActor
  • 29. SillyMan9000
  • 30. usuk (Rapper)
  • 31. SL1MdaGR1M
  • 32. PickleSlikk
  • 33. Rikk1337series
  • 34. SauSageMaSter

Difference between AGK videos and AKM videos

AGK videos aKm videos
Leopold's intelligence is often clear in plenty of videos, either as smart or dumb Leopold's intelligence is never brought up or made clear in most of the videos
Leopold's siblings: Leonard and Leonidas are always present Leonard and Leonidas are often missing
Leopold is considered as a middle school or high school student Leopold is an elementary school student
Fictional characters from other sources either have a one dimensional or 3 dimensional personality Parodies of fictional characters are often showcased in the videos.
Harold appears pretty often

Harold doesn't appear as often

Nature of the episodes are episodic, continunity is always kept Episodic aswell, however, most of the events never carry to the next
Parodists are often hated by Leopold Parodists often appear as background characters, sometimes as enemies of Leopold
Hitler is portrayed as a low-medium threat villian Hitler is pathetic, never a threat
Presence of memes are rare Presence of memes are frequent
Satirizes plenty of things from pop culture, internet culture, society, videogames, etc

Satirizes mostly the AGK meme, at times, the elements mentioned on the previous row

A real adventurer, a real wimp

A real partyer, a real gangster

Leopold always eats sausage eggs

Leopold Slikk Smokes Sausages or Used as a Donation

For adults, sometimes for kids

For adults and Mature Audience

If you have any other comparison, feel free to add it.

aKm Videos

aKm Gallery


  • One of the more stand out elements of the 4th generation
  • Like the AGK discord, there's also one for aKm members
  • The aKm genre could be considered as an edgier AGK parody
  • aKm can also stand for "Angry Keyboard Masters"
  • aKm Crew or The NU AGK
  • The Illest The Realest Era
  • All of these Parodist are Satirical Parodist.
  • 90s Counter Culture
  • Group of thugs
  • adult-oriented
  • jackass
  • Most Wanted Group
  • racist
  • Trolls
  • Hostile group
  • New World Order of AGK