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Angry Sulu Kid HUNTED! Is the 61st overall episode of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series, the 1st episode of Season 4 and the writters are himself and Adrenaline21, and lastly, the episode itself will be created by GeneBernardinoLawl.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Madeleine Meanwhore (debut)
  • Jake Randolf
  • Kervin Nienatterson
  • Croyt (debut, voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • 40T10
  • Barry (We Bare Bears, voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Fabrice Laroche (now, in zombie mode)
  • Harold Slikk (cameo)
  • Leonard Slikk (cameo)
  • Leonidas Slikk (cameo)
  • Leorich Slikk (cameo)
  • Sean Slikk (cameo)
  • Danny Randolf (cameo)
  • Ronald Ramirez (cameo)
  • Eric R. Sims (cameo)
  • Kaeru Otoko (cameo)
  • Raesu Otoko (cameo)
  • Monster Kid (cameo)
  • Hoppus "The Rabbit-Slut" (cameo)
  • Nom Nom (cameo)
  • Dave (We Bare Bears, cameo)
  • Adolf Hitler (cameo)
  • Stephen Quire (debut, cameo)
  • Gerald Slikk (cameo)
  • Kyle (cameo)


[begin of spoilers]

At Leopold's house, he plays Unreal Tournament whatever he wants but sound from the door heard by Leopold, soon he opens the door, someone who knocks the door is revealed to be Madeleine Meanwhore, a former girlfriend of Croyt which stolen by Kervin/Angry Sulu Kid. Later, Madeleine asks Leopold about 5 months ago Kervin went into further way by showing a photo of Kervin to Leopold, answered by Leopold that Kervin is go back and he'll ask Kervin later. Leopold notices her to call him front name before she goes, he calls Jake at later time to do a conversation, end the phone conversation, Leopold goes to Kervin's house.

At Kervin's house, Leopold and Jake are discussing with Kervin about Madeleine, but he'll let them out or he'll kick Leopold and Jake at the end. Soon, Leopold, Jake, 40T10 are meet Croyt, the wizard himself who was a rival to Kervin/Angry Sulu Kid. Many discussions later, Croyt and 40T10 are leaving Leopold and Jake behind which they follow later.

At Madeleine's house, all of Leopold's crew are arrive with nothing, except Croyt, who has an anger to do his rivalry against Kervin. Later, Kervin left Croyt from Madeleine's house because of his rivalry. Croyt wants need a help from anyone to defeat Kervin if he loses, he's the crybaby wizard. So, Leopold's crew are making Team Germans and train Croyt to win against Kervin.

After training is over, Croyt fights with Kervin until finish, Croyt wins easily from Kervin. Madeleine tells Kervin back to his house because she's belong to Croyt, Kervin goes heartbroken and leaving Croyt because he doesn't care what they did to him. A moment later, Madeleine killed by Barry and Leopold tries to stop him but failed, Barry leaves Leopold and Kervin goes crying after Madeleine's death.

Later, at graveyard, Croyt and Kervin have their apology to her because of unnecessary thing became problem before the event starts, Kervin goes back to his house as the team's crew are giving some advices to him and Kervin thanks to everyone, finally, he join into Team Germans.

At extra scene, Barry recruits his crew to create Team Evils and Leopold's crew want to stop him.

[end of spoilers]


Fine! ... You idiots don't care about me anyway.

—Kervin leaves Croyt after his loss

To be continued...


Early screenshots

Final screenshots



Audios Used

  • Colors of the Heart~Short ver.~ (Intro)
  • Rockman Zero 1-Title Screen
  • Rockman Zero 2-Momentary Peace
  • Rockman Zero 1-The Ruins of Lab
  • Rockman Zero 4-Holy Land
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2-Wave of Darkness
  • Rockman Zero 2-Red Time
  • Rockman Zero 2-Supreme Ruler
  • Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning-Suicide Hill
  • Sonic.exe: NIghtmare Beginning-Hide & Seek Act 2
  • Rockman Zero 4-Promise Next New World
  • Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - ... .. -- ..- .-.. .- - .. --- -./-.-. .- ...- .

Videos Used

  • We Bare Bears
  • Episode 56

Programs Used

  • Sony Vegas Pro 13
  • Cute Cut
  • iMovie
  • PicsArt
  • Kinemaster


  • Gene's Background Noise
  • TBA


  • This is the 1st episode of Season 4.
  • Also this is Series 2's 1st episode.
  • Madeleine's voice will be higher pitch of Sean's.
  • Changes in this episode from earlier episodes, are:
    • Hoppus' voice is now match into Harold Slikk's voice instead of lower deep-pitch voice.
    • Both Fabrice and 40T10's sprite is replaced into newer ones which Adrenaline21 drew it before.
    • Leopold's sprite is replaced into newer ones which GeneBernardinoLawl remade again because of an issue with FallenAGKVideos.
  • This is Madeleine Meanwhore's 1st and only debut.
  • Croyt's sprite drawn by Adrenaline21.
  • This episode has a reference from The Fairly Oddparents
  • This episode has only soundtracks from Adrenaline21 because it's his favour
  • Originally, this episode released at the same time as Meet PrinceStickFigure but it's delayed because of the difficulties when Gene editing his videos.