This article is about Animated Angry German Kid (AAGK). For Angry German Kid (AGK), see Leopold Slikk.

Animated Angry German Kid is an animation technique that has Leopold in parodies of Angry German Kid as a character in a setting.

In Classic AGK parodies (CAGK)

This is done in order to establish his location as the original video, since he is set strictly in a room which technically he remains in but is cropped down to himself, removing the setting.

Recommended for: Parodists who aren't experienced with the advanced animation graphics.

In Modern AGK parodies (MAGK)

The animation and graphics are more advanced in comparison with Classic AGK. The character has a re-drawn body, arms,legs,shoes and the original head. There are version of caracters without arms because of the body parts. The animations like moving the arms, legs, making walking cycles etc are way more complex to edit, so make sure you have a lot of sprite files in order to have a full set of animation sprites.

Recommended for: Parodists who are experienced and used with the advanced animation graphics.

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