This is the 14th episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series and the scripts will written and created by Adrenaline21.


After eating Baumkuchen...

Leopold: Hey, Adrenaline21. We'll back into 2011 World.

Adrenaline21: Yeah, whatever and don't forget to say goodbye for me.

Leopold, Johnny, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru: Goodbye, Adrenaline21 *going into the portal*

Adrenaline21: *sighs*

At 2011 World...

Cue: Every Heart~Karaoke ver.~ (sung by Adrenaline21)

Johnny: OK, Pals. We're here to start Antic Games.

Leopold: Is the Antic Games related to Olympic Games?

Ronald: Not like that, Moron-pold!

Johnny: Ronald's right, Leopold. Antic Games are just mini-games to you but this is for your skill improvement.

Spencer: Can we start now?

Johnny: Yes!

*Leopold, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru are trying to improve their skills with Johnny's antic*

Johnny: How strong are you to take down my antics?

Leopold: 100% Stronger.

Johnny: Good job, Leopold. Maybe I take a break for a while and you all can discuss about something.

Spencer: Yes, Fort Spieler.

Johnny: *goes to his home to take a break*.

Ronald: *Faces to Leopold* Hey, Leopold. When your father back into Germany?

Leopold: Maybe he'll back to Germany at 29 November 2011.

Kaeru: I hope so.

The End...

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