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  1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistArczi008TV is the most popular AGK parodist in Poland. His parodies are only in Polish.


2008 - 2013

Arczi created his channel 15 April 2008. He created 3 parody series: "The *Leopold*", "Stare Złe Czasy Leopolda" and "Leopold *Trylogia*". In 2011 his videos were deleted by heretyk1000. He reuploaded them.

2013 - 2017

In 2013 he created a new channel Arczi008TV. On this channel, he published such films as Projekt Leopold or Leopold trolluje na Omegle or Zmagania Leopolda.

☀In 2017 he wrote on his funpage that he is back on youtube and his new video will be in a week


  • Leopold Lois Vandal
  • Babka Leopolda - Leopold's grandmother
  • Stara Leopolda - Leopold's mother
  • Alfons Ballstouchen - Leopold's friendly rival
  • Roman - Leopold's brother
  • Franek - Leopold's brother
  • Edmunt - Leopold's brother
  • (Unknown name) - Leopold's brother


He's not uploading videos since July 2015. He says he still creates the first episode of "The *Leopold* 2" and "Trudy Leopolda".