Areal Slikk is the mother of Leopold Slikk in PrinceStickFigure's AGK series. She is a laid back stay at home mom who takes care of Leopold and his brothers Leonard and Leonidas. She is also the wife of Harold Slikk.


Areal Slikk was first born in Germany and lived with her mom and dad. Her family didn't have much money, but they had enough to give food and clothing to her. She moved to the United States when she was 7 years old. She was picked on a lot for being German and not knowing how to speak English very well. After attempting to commit suicide when she was 13 and having it fail, she moved back to Germany and started in a school where she met Harold Slikk. They dated quite a lot. But her parents did not approve of Harold, which made them mad. So when she was 18, she packed her bags and moved in with him. They eventually gave birth to Leonidas, Leonard, and of course, Leopold. She is a stay at home mom who usually does most of the chores and takes care of Leopold and his brothers. She likes to relax and watch TV shows that she likes watching such as Game of Thrones. She is usually happy and doesn't get angry at Leopold or his brothers often, but she will sometimes get angry with Harold about certain things. She lives with Harold, Leopold, Leonard, and Leonidas.


In PSF's original series, she appears in episodes 5 and 12, as well as the last 3 episodes in that series. In episodes 5, she appears in Leopold's flashback of him beating his dad and getting grounded for it. In episode 12, she wanted to punish Leopold, but she instead sends him to live with PSF for 1 week. In episode 14, she picks up Leopold from PSF's house. In episode 15, she makes an appearance when Leopold is opening his presents. In episode 16, she encourages Leopold to get a job.

In his Rebooted series, she first appears as a cameo in Episode 2. In episode 9, Leopold tells her that he met Katrina. Areal appears with an English voice, albeit at a higher pitch than in the original series. This is also the episode where we see her for the first time.


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