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Armordude91122  is an parodist who makes AGk videos. He claims himself to have "the most adventurous and original series". Instead of using sprites like most parodists, he uses ROBLOX and other sandbox video games like GMOD to animate the Angry German Kid series.



Leopold Slikk: The protagonist. He smashes so many keyboards due to losing games. He usually plays games that people don't like. The reason why he's wearing sniper's clothes from tf2 because his occupation was being a gangster trying to assassinate his enemies.

Yuri Slikk: Leopold's mom. She did appear in the first episode but was introduced in AGK's first movie as Mary, which was changed later on. She was really shy and found a nice man named Harold but did not go what she expected.

Harold Slikk: Leopold's dad. He first appeared in a deleted video that was never shown on YouTube due to inappropriate images. He did show up on YouTube at the first movie of AGK. The reason he's wearing a robbers clothing because he went to jail when he was a young man for convicting manslaughter on three girls for bullying him. He beats up Leopold when Leopold does bad stuffs.

Leonard Slikk: Leopold's brother. He doesn't appear a lot, but he did appear in Agk's first movie. After Episode 7, it's unknown what happened to him but it is assumed that he was arrested for hitchhiking or he just disappeared for no reason, possibly by Flippy.

Everett Slikk: Another one of Leopold's brothers, he does not appear yet but he does appear in Angry German College Teenager plays L4D2.

Jasmine Slikk: Leopold's sister. She was mentioned in Episode 4 at the end of the video. She will be the only character out of all the Agk series that is Japanese.


Jake Randolf: he is Agk's best friend but will be his enemy in season 2. He will appear in somewhere near the end of season 1. Sometimes, he doesn't believe Agk even though its very serious.

Stranger: He is Agk's enemy. he appeared in the first episode in counter terrorist clothing so people won't recognize him. However he will eventually return but in a unconfirmed episode.

Flippy: He is Agk's enemy. His upcoming cameo appearance will be on episode 5 as Fliqpy. When you dream about Fliqpy stalking on you when you're sleeping. Then, it's going to happen in real life. His appearance will start at episode 7.

Hitler: he is Agk's enemy and debately his friend but does have his own series. His occupation is a teacher and a Nazi leader but it didn't go out right. As a leader, one of his member named Fegelein keeps messing him around like a little kid and Hitler wants him dead but never succeeded. He will be a teacher in episode 6.

Ronald Ramirez: He is AGK new friend. He not confirmed which episode will he meet AGK.

Jared: He is AGK's new friend of the series. He isn't confirmed which episode will he appear or his cameo. He also goes to school with him.

Sooyoung: She is Ronald's girlfriend. She is not confirmed which episode is she going to be in.

Mr. Butthead: He is the school principal in AGK's school. Sometimes, he is lazy to do his job but yet is not fired from school. He also have problems with AGK for harrasment.

Jason Voorhees: He was Leopold's killer in the cancelled episode AGK visits Haunted Mansion. However he might make an another appearance in future episodes. He made a cameo appearance in Episode 11.


Season 1

Episode 1: Agk meets a stranger:

Episode 2: Agk reacts to new YouTube

Episode 3: Agk plays Xenophage Alien Bloodsport

Episode 4: Agk plays Hunting Unlimited 2010

Episode 5: Agk raids Roblox HQ

AGK Short #1: AGK goes to Mcdonalds

Episode 6: Agk plays JFK Reloaded

Episode 7 Part 1: AGK Watches Happy Tree Friends

Episode 7 Part 2: AGK Vs Flippy

Episode 8: AGK Plays Goat Simulator

Episode 9: AGK visits the Deep Web

Episode 10: AGK plays Sad Satan ( hinted at Episode 9 )

Agk Short: Cooking With Leopold


AGK goes to tutoring-Was originally going to be episode 2 but instead was cancelled because of a weak plot and bad acting. It was going to have animations similiar to Episode 1

AGK plays Deer Drive-Was originally going to be episode 3 but was cancelled for unknown reasons, probably because of bad acting and lack of video clips.

AGK Raids Roblox HQ Suicide and Shoot Builderman And Escape Endings- Was going to be extra endings for Episode 5 but was removed due to issues to Windows Movie Makers, instead, The video and the shoot builderman ending were combined to make it into a full video.

Hitler Is Informed That Today Is The Fourth Of July-This was originally going to be posted during fourth of july but was cancelled early due to time constraint and family visitations. This might be uploaded again during next fourth of july.

AGK Visits The Haunted Mansion Movie: This is possibly cancelled due to lack of interest, bad animation, and lack of dedication. Odd enough, the first part is still on Youtube and was to feature Jason Voorhees in it.


  • Armordude91122Cute's Series is one of the first series (or possibly the only series) to have different animations than other AGK maker. His animations is based on Roblox Stop Motions.
  • His series is also the only series that has his characters in different clothing. According to Armordude91122Cute, he said that his characters will have different clothing in Season 2 like Leopold and Jake will have the same clothing as every other AGK member. However, Leopold And Jake will keep their old clothing for future episodes.
  • His Most Popular Video Is The Angry German Kid Misadventures Episode 7: Part 1: AGK watches Happy Tree Friends with a total of 9,000 something views.
  • Originally, AGK watches Happy Tree Friends was going to be Episode 6 but instead was delayed for AGK plays JFK Reloaded and is moved to episode 7.
  • Armordude91122Cute's AGK series is very underrated compare to other AGK makers, it's due to the fact that fans dislike his animations but he plans to do different animation styles in the future.
  • His series is also the first in which AGK's Mom is Asian, others are Mitch Soh. She also is the only AGK Mom who's voice does not come from a High Pitched AGK or Speakonia. Her voice comes from any footage that has Kwon Yuri in it.