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“I'm a hard working AGK maker”
“I only use my own ideas for my AGK Series, and some of the ideas from the people I trust.”
“Some of my videos might have a few mistakes, but either way, these videos gave me a lot of views and likes.”
“I am a HUGE fan of Jama-P from Wedding Peach and the show itself, I love it just as much as I love other anime shows.”

Atekuro95 (formerly known as Casey Productions) is an AGK parodist who makes AGK videos since September 22th 2015, Besides an AGK Parodist, He's also an Object Show Maker, Video Editor, Logo effects Maker, Downfall Parodist, Youtube Pooper, Photoshopper, Animator, Music Composer, and Artist. He uses Adobe Animate, and After Effects to make the animation, Sony Vegas Pro 17 and Sony Movie Studio Premium to render, add music and merge clips each other!

He announced his retirement in Nov 2018 because he wants to focus on object show stuff.

He later announced that he might come back in 2019, and he did.

He announced that he will scrap Episode 5, and reboot the entire series like normal, and improve the show.

He was a member of the Black MIDI Community Hub since early 2017, but in December of 2017, he retired from making Black MIDIs.


Upcoming Characters

  • IPod (Podle) (Black)
  • IPod (Podlest) (White)
  • IPod Nano
  • Steve Jobs (Rignias, Guardian of the Crosonto Tribe)
  • Blue Cup (Blue Cup's Mother) (Waterlest)
  • Pink Cup (Bright Lovos)
  • Green Cup (Bright Electros)
  • Blue Cup (Bright Aquos)
  • Red Cup (Bright Marchos)
  • Suxcox
  • Diknoz
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Nintendo Switch


  • Nefallia
  • Darkandemia
  • Plutoie
  • Miletie
  • Yezenie
  • Zoinoe
  • Suicide Mouse
  • Vendo

The Lazy Series

  1. agk gows 2 micdunulds
  2. agk heyngs awt uith gaic
  3. agk vursez animeee
  4. agk plei game
  5. agk preinkt
  6. agk moovs awt

Other Shows

AGK Reviews

  1. Violette1st
  2. LeapFrog
  3. Octonauts
  4. Timotines
  5. Atarster
  6. DavidsTV
  7. Gracie Jones

AGK's Dad Shorts

  1. AGK's Dad Gets Stuck In A Elevator


Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic. Episodes done are in plain, Episodes in progress are in bold, and Episodes that will be remakes are in Underline

Old Series:

  1. AGK Plays MARIO
  2. AGK VS. Dark Leopold Part 1/3
  3. AGK VS. Dark Leopold Part 2/3
  4. AGK VS. Dark Leopold Part 3/3
  5. AGK And Casey VS. Tad And Leap
  6. AGK Gets Prank Messages
  7. AGK Does Driving Lessons
  8. AGK Gets False Flagged
  9. AGK Plays Scary Maze Game
  10. AGK Gets Mauled By The Pepsi's
  11. AGK VS. King Pepsi
  12. AGK Goes To Jake's Party
  13. AGK, Jake, and AJK VS. Corrupted Cat
  14. AGK Plays Cat Mario
  15. AGK Does a Math Test
  16. AGK Has A Good Dream
  17. AGK Plays Silver Surfer
  18. AGK Makes A YouTube Poop
  19. AGK Gets RickRoll'd
  20. AGK's New Teacher
  21. AGK Plays Sonic 2.exe
  22. AGK Has a Power Cut
  23. AGK Cuts School
  24. AGK Watches Zelda CD-i Cutscenes
  25. AGK Gets RickRoll'd
  26. AGK Plays Sonic.exe
  27. AGK Has a Nightmare
  28. AGK Watches Fat Kids on YouTube
  29. AGK Plays Action 52
  30. AGK Goes To ****
  31. AGK Accidentally Goes On
  32. AGK Buys A New Computer
  33. AGK VS. The Fly
  34. AGK Gets Abducted By Aliens
  35. AGK Watches LeapFrog
  36. AGK Goes On A Date With Casey For Her Birthday
  37. AGK And Casey VS. Tad And Leap
  38. AGK In Prison
  39. AGK Goes On Username 666
  40. AGK's Ultimate Nightmare
  41. AGK Watches Fred
  42. AGK Gets Annoyed by Mario Head
  43. AGK Watches Greatest Freakout Ever
  44. AGK's Babysitter
  45. AGK Sees Himself On Youtube
  46. AGK Watches Scary Logos
  47. AGK Watches Vinheteiro Part 1/2
  48. AGK Watches Vinheteiro Part 2/2
  49. AGK Meets Lamp (Halted)
  50. AGK And The 75th Anniversery Of Walpole High School 
  51. AGK Pretends To Be Sick
  52. AGK Plays Sally.exe
  53. AGK Gets Prank Messages
  54. AGK Plays David
  55. AGK Plays Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  56. AGK Watches Angry Video Game Nerd
  57. AGK Gets Revenge on his Dad
  58. AGK Plays Donkey Kong
  59. AGK Takes the Stupid Quiz
  60. AGK's Dad Returns
  61. AGK Goes Camping
  62. AGK Gets Detention
  63. AGK Meets Balloon and Suitcase (Halted)
  64. AGK And The Tornado
  65. AGK Watches Suicidemouse.avi
  66. AGK VS. Lily
  67. AGK Has A Crazy Dream
  68. AGK Plays Sonic Adventure 7
  69. AGK Has Constipation
  70. AGK Gets Tortured By Ran Ran Ru
  71. AGK VS. His Dad Again
  72. AGK Plays The Impossible Quiz
  73. AGK's Dream Adventure
  74. AGK VS. Professor Quigley
  75. AGK VS. Tunip And The Vegimals
  76. AGK Goes To The Hospital
  77. AGK Retakes The Stupid Quiz
  78. AGK Plays Lester the Unlikely
  79. AGK Goes Camping
  80. AGK Meets Leon Smallwood
  81. AGK Takes The Stupid Quiz
  82. AGK Makes A YouTube Poop
  83. AGK Plays The Impossible Quiz
  84. AGK Visits Work
  85. AGK And The Thunderstorm
  86. AGK Goes Back To School
  87. AGK VS. Stephen Quire
  88. AGK Meets Angry Dominican Kid
  89. AGK Plays Lost Silver
  90. AGK Plays Sanatorium
  91. AGK Meets Annoying Orange
  92. AGK Watches Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life
  93. AGK Watches Microsoft Windows Commercials
  94. AGK Gets Tortured By Baxter
  95. AGK VS. Baxter
  96. AGK's Stupidest Day Ever
  97. AGK Watches The Nostalgia Critic
  98. AGK Goes to McDonalds
  99. AGK Gets Stuck In The Old Restroom
  100. AGK VS. Lily Again
  101. AGK Lost In Space
  102. AGK Plays Galaga
  103. AGK's Birthday
  104. AGK plays Slender
  105. AGK Plays Imscared
  106. AGK Gets Stalked By Slender Man
  107. AGK And His Grandfalther
  108. AGK Plays Insanity.exe
  109. AGK VS. Sonic.exe
  110. AGK Pulls The School Fire Alarm
  111. AGK Against Leonard
  112. AGK Gets Traveled In Time
  113. AGK Watches More Fat Kids on YouTube
  114. AGK Goes on eBay
  115. AGK Meets Angry Sims Kid
  116. AGK Goes on Another YouTube
  117. AGK's Deadly Nightmare
  118. AGK and The Wrath Of The Cats
  119. AGK And The Mystery Of Long John
  120. AGK Watches G Major Videos
  121. AGK's Terrorized Nightmare
  122. AGK Opens a Time Capsule Early
  123. AGK Goes to Toy's R Us
  124. AGK Gets Diarrhea
  125. AGK Tries to Upgrade his PC
  126. AGK Stays late at School
  127. AGK Pranks his Family
  128. AGK And The Big Slumber Party At Jake's House.
  129. AGK, Jake, And AJK VS. The Wonder Pets
  130. AGK Gets Sick.....For Real
  131. AGK Get's More Prank Messages
  132. AGK Goes to the Hospital again
  133. AGK Watches Viral Videos
  134. AGK Plays Minecraft

New Series:

Plot: The series is about Leopold and friends defeating Queen Nafallia, Her Commanders of the Blackemia Kingdom, and their Great Ruler, They will try to steal the 6 Mephelic Crystals of the Tribes, the Crystal of the Refallios Tribe, the Crystal of the Pronios Tribe, the Crystal of the Nethionous Tribe, the Crystal of the Crosonto tribe, the Crystal of the Miluen Tribe, and the Crenipheous Tribe, if they steal them, then it's all over, the entire universe will be taken over by Queen Nefallia, the Gandemians her Commanders of the Blackemia Kingdom, and their Great Ruler. But not when Leopold and his friends stop them.

Season 1:

  1. AGK Watches SuicideMouse.avi (Part 1/2)/AGK Has a Nightmare (Part 2/2)
  2. AGK Goes to School
  3. AGK, Jake, and AJK vs. Corrupted Cat
  4. AGK And His Brothers (Part 1/2)/AGK Meets Hitler and His Crew of the Bunker (Part 2/2)
  5. Love, Protection, and Courage, The Bright Cuppers Team Up With The Mephelic Guardians Part 1/2
  6. Love, Protection, and Courage, The Bright Cuppers Team Up With The Mephelic Guardians Part 2/2
  7. AGK Plays Sonic Mega Hack: Ultra Edition
  8. Lost In Space, AGK's Space Adventure Part 1/2
  9. Lost In Space, AGK's Space Adventure Part 2/2
  10. AGK Plays Sonic ERaZor
  11. Through An Abandoned Jungle
  12. Infiltration, Plutoie's Pride
  13. The Sun, The Beach, Youth, and Ghosts

Season 2:

(Unknown at this time...)


  1. Atekuro95's AGK VS. JayTheAdventurer's AGK (A Great Battle)

Personal facts

What Atekuro Likes

  • He loves Anime stuff, such as: Wedding Peach, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura (Cardcaptors), Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Pokemon, and more.
  • He likes Downfall parodies.
  • His favorite AGK makers are AngryGermanKid82, Cansin13, Cornish Gibs, Y_VE_Squared, TheKewlOne96, and Tank202100.
  • His favorite SEGA game is Sonic the Hedgehog, it's an anime too.
  • He's neutral to anime studio, and doesn't use it.
  • He likes Object Shows, such as Object Havoc, Object Overload, Inanimate Insanity, BFDI, and other shows that he likes
  • He likes to draw, like on paper, and on a computer.
  • He neutral to Timotunes.
  • He likes McJuggerNuggets, especially his series "The Psycho Series".
  • He's neutral to Peep and the Big Wide World
  • He's neutral to Talking Tom And Friends, and he's wondering why he's still subscribed to the Talking Tom YouTube Channels in his old channel.
  • He's neutral to Pingu.
  • He loves Atarster
  • He likes Go!Animate, but doesn't make those types of videos anymore in 2016.
  • He's neutral to Gracie Jones

What Atekuro Hates

  • He hates Leapfrog.
  • he used to be neutral to FourFanatic7889 Production, but now he hates him.
  • He absolutely HATES Baxter!
  • He hates Octonauts.
  • He hates Violette1st
  • He hates Aaron Doan
  • He hates CableToons
  • He Hates Olivar

Other Facts

  • He sometimes uses Module Compositions from Popular Trackers from the 90s, 2000s and his own in episodes from now to the future, not to mention Sonic OVA Music and more.
  • Atekuro95 might be similar to Cansin13, and Cornish Gibs (AGKMisadventures).

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