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Message from Atekuro95:
"My laptop is dead, and I have a gaming pc, I can buy a 5 TB and put it in my Gaming PC so I can get back to what I was doing, right? Wrong. my family won't let me buy a 5 tb hard drive for my gaming PC, they worry about warranty. but they said they'll call dell if they can buy the 5 tb hard drive of of their website and get best buy to put the 5 tb hard drive in my gaming pc so that it lose warranty. I don't yet when it will happen, so for now, I'll be doing the scripts for Mephelic Guardian Angry German Kid until it happens."

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"This is an example." - Author

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“I'm a hard working AGK maker”
“I only use my own ideas for my AGK Series and other stuff, I also use some of the ideas from the people I trust.”
“Some of my videos might have a few mistakes, but either way, these videos gave me a lot of views and likes.”
Atekuro95 (formerly known as Casey Productions) is an AGK parodist who makes AGK videos since September 22th 2015, Besides an AGK Parodist, He's also an Object Show Maker, Video Editor, Logo effects Maker, Downfall Parodist, Youtube Pooper, Photoshopper, Animator, Music Composer, and Artist. He uses Adobe Animate, and After Effects to make the animation, Magix Vegas Pro 16 and Movie Studio Premium 16 to render, add music and merge clips each other!

He announced his retirement in Nov 2018 because he wants to focus on object show stuff.

He later announced that he might come back in 2019, and he did.

He announced that he will scrap Episode 5, and reboot the entire series like normal, and improve the show.

Unfortunately, due to his family worrying about warranty and to them not letting him get the 5 tb hard drive for his Gaming PC now, he'll be working on the script for his AGK shows until dad gets to call dell with him.

Characters in MGAGK and AGK R

Upcoming Characters

  • Coming soon...


Angry German Kid R

  • Suicide Mouse

AGK's Dad Shorts

  1. AGK's Dad Gets Stuck In A Elevator


Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic. Episodes done are in plain, Episodes in progress are in bold.

Doing Games and Internet with AGK

Episode No. Title Description Watch Released Story by Written by
1 AGK Watches SuicideMouse.avi Leopold Slikk went on the computer, he was searching for a YTP of Mickey Mouse he can watch, when suddenly, he found a Strange Mickey Mouse Cartoon called "suicidemouse.avi", he decided to watch it. that cartoon was really scary and Leopold hated it so much. gladly, he won't have a nightmare about it....or will he?.....
Angry German Kid - Episode -1- "AGK Watches suicidemouse

Angry German Kid - Episode -1- "AGK Watches suicidemouse.avi"

Apr 3, 2020 Atekuro95 Atekuro95



  1. Atekuro95's AGK VS. JayTheAdventurer's AGK (A Great Battle)

Personal facts

What Atekuro Likes

  • He loves Anime, such as: Wedding Peach, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura (Cardcaptors), Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Beyblade Metal Fight (Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, and Metal Fury), Pokemon, and more.
  • He likes Downfall parodies.
  • His favorite AGK makers are AngryGermanKid82, Cansin13, Cornish Gibs, Y_VE_Squared, TheKewlOne96, and Tank202100.
  • His favorite SEGA game is Sonic the Hedgehog, it's an anime too.
  • He's neutral to anime studio, and doesn't use it.
  • He likes to draw on an, like on paper, and on a computer.
  • He neutral to Timotunes.
  • He likes McJuggerNuggets, especially his series "The Psycho Series".
  • He's neutral to Peep and the Big Wide World
  • He's neutral to Talking Tom And Friends, and he's wondering why he's still subscribed to the Talking Tom YouTube Channels in his old channel.
  • He's neutral to Pingu.
  • He loves Atarster
  • He likes Go!Animate, but doesn't make those types of videos anymore in 2016.
  • He's neutral to Gracie Jones

What Atekuro Hates

  • He hates Leapfrog.
  • he used to be neutral to FourFanatic7889 Production, but now he hates him.
  • He absolutely HATES Baxter!
  • He hates Violette1st
  • He hates Aaron Doan
  • He hates CableToons
  • He Hates Olivar
  • He hates BartekZioomPro/DeluxeEmeraldFan Official due to the fact he supports Atarster despite the nasty things he did in the past

Other Facts

  • He sometimes uses Module Compositions from Popular Trackers from the 90s, 2000s and his own in episodes from current to future episodes.
  • He might be similar to Cansin13, and Cornish Gibs (AGKMisadventures).


"Oh yeah!" - Leopold Slikk

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