Episode Transcript

Attack of the Dummies! is an AGK episode made by AzUrArInG. It's the 4th episode of the series to be in the 2nd season and the 22nd episode overall.



It shows a factory filled with dummies, before an lightning bolt comes down, bringing the dummies to life as they roam around aimlessly. AGK decides to play some Unreal Tournament until his father demands him to get the mail, which angers AGK. When AGK goes outside, he notices several dummies roaming around the world aimlessly. This annoys him as he decides to bring all of them to a volcano for them to all die. Finally, it shows one of the dummies chasing around Atarster before eventually beating him up.

Programs Used

  • PowerDirector 16
  • Anime Studio Pro 11

Music Used

  • Silver Surfer NES Theme
  • Zelle 506 - Gerhard Trede
  • Stressed Out - AzUrArInG


  • This marks the first episode of the 2nd season of AzUrArInG's AGK series that an episode is written by someone other than AzUrArInG.
    • This is also the first episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to not be written by AzUrArInG at all.
    • This is also the first episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to be written by Snow Candy.
  • This is the final AGK episode to be directed by AzUrArInG, aka the creator of his own AGK series, in a row. The next episode and afterwards, they'd be either directed by both AzUrArInG and a user known as GFSM, or GFSM himself, this was mainly because of AzUrArInG's laptop breaking and needing to get everything all over again, while also beginning on doing other series.
    • Although a few afterwards were still directed by AzUrArInG himself.
  • The voice clips of the Dummies are taken right from Finding Nemo.
  • The scene which AGK is seen watching all of the dummies everywhere around his town, there's music that plays which was done by AzUrArInG himself.
    • This makes this the first AGK episode to have music be done by AzUrArInG.
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