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Axel is a bounty hunter and one of Shade's loyal bodyguards. Axel comes off as merciless and confident, acting as if he is a soldier. He kills only for survival and when Shade orders him to do so. He is portrayed by Microsoft Sam (deep).


Before Axel had met Shade, he was working independently as a hitman. One time while looking for the target to assassinate, he gets ambushed by three thugs that the person being targeted sent and receives a scar on his left eye, permanently blinding him. A few years later after shooting his attackers, he meets Shade who performs optical surgery and replaces his eye with a bionic one. He was no longer an underdog afterwards and remained in Shade's bunker carrying out his hitlist.


He makes his first appearance in episode 16 of AGK Rebooted stalking Leopold and his kid brother while hiding behind the bushes. He gets a phone call from a man who is later revealed to be Shade, the one who sent a robot to kill Leopold in episode 2. Axel comes out of his hiding spot and kidnaps Leopold to Shade's hideout. Later on in the episode, he appears behind the desk while Leopold, Logan, Chris and Swagmaster attempt to escape.


Expert Marksmanship: Axel's experience in the Hitman world has made him a natural-born killer, making him highly skilled in the handling of firearms. Even Shade admires his ability to kill with ease.

Vulpes Physiology: Axel is a fox. He can perform several things that make him superior to human beings.

  • Enhanced senses: As a fox, Axel can see just as great as a cat. His eyes are adapted to night vision, making him dangerous in dark environments. He also displays astounding hearing. The fox has great hearing that they can hear a watch ticking from 40 yards away. And thanks to his bionic eye, he can see three times better.
  • Enhanced speed: Foxes are known to be really fast. They can run at a speed of 45 mph (72 km/h).


Dual M1911: Axel's two pistols revealed in episode 16 of AGK Rebooted in his battle with Leopold.

Bowie Knife: A knife Axel keeps on his jacket. When thrown, it causes bleed damage for -15 damage.

Pipe Bomb: A homemade explosive weapon crafted by Axel. It is solely based on the pipe bomb from Left 4 Dead.

Silenced pistol: A pistol with a silencer attached to the barrel that Axel used to holster during his Hitman days around the year 1999.

Rifle: Axel's most powerful gun in his arsenal. Used against Swagmaster and Logan in episode 16.



  • His bionic eye story is the reason why Axel always wear glasses
  • Axel used to be called an arctic fox. Because he is grey instead of all white, PSF had to change his name to Axel the Grey Fox.
  • His clothes appear to be based on Hank J. Wimbleton from Madness Combat