Barry Slikk is Hermann Slikk's son, Harold Slikk & Gerald Slikk's father, LeopoldLeonard, Leorich, and Leonidas's grandfather.


TheKewlOne96's Angry German Kid Series

He appears in episode 15. He is also the father of Harold Slikk. He lives more and more far from the Leopold, Harold, Mary, Leonard and Leonidas' house (also known as the Slikk family's house). He listens to music that Leopold sings (like Aaaaah Remix and German Style) and Harold's songs (I am a Computer Guy, We Will Love You, Leopold Rocks). He lives in the village where Hitler lives, behind the Führer-bunker.

Atarster's AGK Series

In episode 5, Barry came over to Leopold's house after Noah, Ratchet, Dante, and M. Bison came over, so Barry is going to kill Leopold and Leonard because Barry is a "dirty old man," so at the cliff, Leopold decides to fight with Barry. After the fight, Barry got shot by an arrow, and he jumps off from the cliff. At the end of Episode 50: AGK's Great-Grandpa, Atarster announces Barry Slikk is returning to his AGK Series because he's not dead. In Episode 72: AGK's Grandpa Returns, Harold talk to Leopold and his brothers about grandpa is coming over to visit, but he passed away. But until then, Barry just came over, and he is not dead at all because he have survived when he jumped off from the cliff. During the episode, Leopold and his brothers are watching some AVGN, and then Barry just knock on Leopold's bedroom door. They started screaming, and they took cover inside Leopold's closet. Whilst Barry is looking for the boys, Leonidas accidentally farted, and the boys start taking, and Barry notices that they are in the closet. The boys ran off from Barry, and then Jake saw Leopold and his brothers are chased by their grandpa, so Jake has to stop him. When they arrive at the lake, Barry just came here to kill them, and then Leopold decided to fight with his grandpa. During the battle, Barry is going to kill Leopold, but Jake threw his gun at him, and Jake saved Leopold's life. And then finally, Jake told Barry about what happened earlier, and Barry apologized to Leopold about he is going to kill him. After the apology, they went to Leopold's house to watch some Ren & Stimpy. He also appeared in Episode 83: AGK VS. Jessi Slaughter because when Gene Leonhardt is about to beat up Leopold, Barry came here to help Leopold to fight with him and his daughter, Jessi Slaughter (the girl who made terrible videos). After the infamous fight, they got arrested.

In the remastered episode of Episode 5, Barry also wants to kill Leonidas as well, as he appears in the remastered episodes.

DrLuigiGamer2001's series

Jeremy Barry Slikk Born in February 3rd 1966 is Leopold's annoying grandpa he loves to troll his Grandson like he did with his son He also makes Leopold angry when he keeps trolling him off

AGKFan640's AGK Series

He appears in Episodes 40 (cameo) and 123, but in Episode 123, his dad, Harold Slikk, told him that he has a visitor, which is his Grandpa, Barry Slikk. He had a good conversation with his Grandson, Leopold Slikk, in his living room. He is very friendly to Leopold in Episode 123.

Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series

He appeared in Episode 26, But he usally being mean to Leopold a lot, But in Episode 76, He apologizes to Leopold for trying to kill him and his brothers and friends. And he was away in Episode 98 because he is finding Tom Studios to go find Ben and send him to the Tom and Ben News Studio. And in Episode 113, He returned.


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