Battle Systems are the fighting scenes that have the game's HUD (Head-Up Display) in most AGK Series (except for Icepenguins101's, since Adventures episode 37, but was remastered by Adrenaline21).


In Atarster's AGK Series, the HUD is just plain simple (especially the name of characters and HP) in the 5th episode and the later episode adds the battle menu for Leopold (in special occasions, like in AGK meets Rocko and AGK vs King Kong again. Rocko, Fox McCloud and Captain America used the battle menu). In the 83rd episode, the battle menu HUD shown as the newer version for replacing the old ones that can be seen in the 10th episode as the debut of battle menu.

For the movement, Leopold is shown automatic in the 5th episode of Atarster's Original AGK Series. Later, Atarster adds the battle menu that makes Leopold's movement into manual (the manual movement with battle menu is shown as Rocko, Captain America and Fox McCloud do as Leopold but the manual movement for them is rare than Leopold). AGK: Remastered Show removes this due to Atarster's battle menu being unlikable battle system by Adrenaline21 and The Kingdom Hearts-like Information HUD will be added.

When the player, ally or enemy being damaged, the red font HUD shown as many or few HP damages.

In 129th episode of Atarster's AGK Series, the Super Smash Bros.-like HUD can be seen as Leopold fights with Mr. Burns.

In Noah Movie: Sailor Moon's Revenge, there's no HUD shown in the fighting scenarios as battle system is removed.


In PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series, the HUD is similar to Atarster that who used the plain HUD. At Rebooted Series, the HUD changed from character's name into character's icon. PrinceStickFigure uses the auto movement for Leopold to differentiate from Atarster that used the battle menu for Leopold. For the HP damage is similar to Atarster. The Kingdom Hearts-like Information HUD and lock-on system will be added.

PrinceStickFigure has Super Smash Bros.-like HUD on 5th episode of AGK Rebooted Series as Leopold fights with him.

There's an early episodes of PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series as the battle menu and character's name HUD can be seen as Leopold fights with Shade's robot (Episode 2).


In Season 1, the HUD is plain blue rounded box with black outline also the character's name has been shown.

In AGK Remake and Season 2-OVA, the HUD is Adrenaline21's own made such as life bar, life gauge and the character name.

For others, Adrenaline21 uses an auto movement like PrinceStickFigure does on his AGK Rebooted and GeneBernardinoLawl on his episode 56, lock-on to target the player (only in Season 1) and the enemy, Speedline effects to the characters who perform their signature moves and Vs Screen to the characters who fight with. From above, Adrenaline21 will use it for his AGK: Remastered Show.


In his series, there are 4 HUDs on the series.

HUD #1: The Role-playing game HUD

This HUD was used with or without RPG Maker. In the episode "AGK vs. his uncle", he used Vegas Pro 13 to make the HUD. In the episodes "AGK and Gumball (a remake of Atarster's AGK and Rocko)" and "AGK plays Tom's Trap-o-matic", he used the RPG Maker (like Red Bloony) to make it.

HUD #2: Dissidia styled-HUD

This HUD will used on Season 2 & 3 episodes. He used Vegas Pro 13 to make the new HUD. In the episode "AGK vs Angry Sims Kid", the assist was available for Leopold. but in the episode "AGK's Grandpa", the battle was short due to lacking of ideas for the battle. The versus scene was replaced with the Tekken one on the episode "AGK goes to Six Flags".

HUD #3: YouTube End Credits

In 2016, YouTube announced the End Cards where you can build viewership with powerful end screens on your videos, which show on mobile and desktop devices.

This HUD will you select the character where you want to make a turn first before the battle begins.

Sadly, it was only seen in the episode "AGK vs. Fabrice". (Hoppus, Leopold)

HUD #4: MvC 1 styled Role-Playing Game HUD

PicsArt 09-22-08.24.17

Preview of this HUD...

This HUD was be used on the episode "AGK and Leorich vs. Leonard".

HUD #5: Dragon Ball FighterZ styled HUD



Icepenguins101 almost never uses an actual battle system likely due to his inexperience with animation - but he has included them occasionally prior to Modern episodes of Reloaded. His battle system varies from:


In Adventures, the battle system/HUD prior to episode 37 was awfully made. As Icepenguins101 was already using Windows Movie Maker at that time, any character that Leopold was facing would be defeated without any attacks, and the HUD (before being omitted in episode 37) is a badly-drawn version of the HUD from Mortal Kombat (2011) which was done with Microsoft Paint.

Since episode 23, the battle systems were just nothing but the involved video slapped with Leopold's voice added to it.

In S2EP10, the battle systems reverted back to the one in earlier episodes prior to episode 23, only with the HUD being taken out.


In Rebooted, the screen will immediately black out if Leopold attacks. However, battle systems were less likely to appear as it was only used in 3 episodes which were episodes 2.2 (AGK vs Annoying Chicken: Part 3), 7 (AGK vs ASK II: Crashing the Keyboards) and 9 (AGK vs Alvin Hung).


In Unleashed - similar to Adventures, was altered prior to episode 14 (AGK vs Cansin13). The old battle system before said episode was pretty much the same as Rebooted, but received a slight improvement in episodes 14 and 19 where Leopold was shown to be attacking the enemy using green-screening effects. In episode 21 (AGK vs ASK III: Worst. Players. Ever.), the battle system was abruptly reverted back to the Rebooted system, likely due to Icepenguins101's laziness.


In Reloaded, there are two types of battle systems:

  • Classic: The Classic battle system is the same as Adventures except for those after S4EP13c - where later episodes instead reuse the battle system from Rebooted.
  • Modern: The Modern battle system is quite similar to the one in Adventures and Unleashed mixed together, but was altered so that the HP will not drain instantly if Leopold just sits there or uses keyboard-related attacks. However, any enemy that Leopold was facing will still get their HP empty if they are hit by the bullets of Leopold's gun or is sliced with his knife.


In Useful's AGK Series, the battle system is like Atarster's. In episode 2, Leonard fought with Sonic.exe.


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