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Berlin is the capital city of Germany. In several series, it is where Leopold Slikk lives.


FilipHavlicek's AGK series

Leopold and his family, also Jake and his family live in a fictional city named Berlin, located in Pokémon region Kalos. It is a large city, like in Margaretka4356's AGK series, but it has only 20,668,314 citizenship and there lives a lot of Pokémon too. And unlike her series, streets are called normally "street".

Margaretka4356's AGK series

In her series, Berlin is a fictional city, which is in Germany, near Mannheim. People speak here every language, even English and German. It is a large city, which has population 45.291.427 citizens. Streets are called "strasse", like in Germany. Famous adresses from this city:

  • 45 Reichsstrasse- Slikks' household.
  • 109 Universestrasse- Randolfs' household.
  • 280 Shopstrasse- Leopold's favourite game shop.
  • 77 Schoolstrasse- School (before episode 51, now is the street called Schoolsexplosionsstrasse).
  • 111 Hitlerstrasse- School (from episode 51 to episode 101).
  • 216 Kleikestrasse- School (since episode 101).
  • 284 Kraftwerkstrasse House of Elias Pikachu and Ash Ketchum.
  • 329 Holzstrasse- Emolgas' household.
  • 414 Strandstrasse- House of Willy Oshawott, his parents and his siblings.
  • 416 Strandstrasse- House of Eddie and Iris.
  • 4 Dark Alley- Leopold ran here in episode 59.

Omgvk64's AGK series

In his series, Berlin looks like new york, but the street names are different.

RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series

Berlin features as the main setting for the current season of the series. Leopold and his family live in Berlin, and he goes to school in Berlin as well, led by Principal Gestalt. Leopold has to travel around Berlin trying to avoid his parents, and more importantly Arceus and his followers, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Jake Randolf also lives in Berlin.

Other Inhabitants

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