1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistBillywws is a YouTube user known for creating Angry German Kid parodies. His AGK series began in 5th September 2009 with the release of "Angry German Kid Playing Doom 32x"

Collab Tennis

Billywws and Blockish Studios are currently working on a special AGK episode as a tennis. Blockish Studios has created part 1 and part 3, while Billywws has created part 2 and part 4

Currently the tennis has not seen another part since.


  • Billywws uses many different kinds of special effects in his videos. For the CGI effects, he uses Blender and Action Essentials, and the software VEGAS Pro 14.
  • The short sequences displaying information about Leopold and Harold, seen on S2E1 are based on the Eyecatch cards from Sonic X.
  • In his Season 2 intro, the song is Never Turn Back by Crush 40.
  • The Season 1 intro's song was originally just sounds of Leopold hitting his mouse to a rhythm. And eventually, a guitar was added, recorded by Billywws himself.
  • He is also known for creating YouTube Poops, usually using Michael Rosen as the source.
  • His YouTube Poop called "Space Retard Donald", uploaded in 5 October 2010, has over 950,000 views as of June 2017.
Title Aired Watch
Season 1
1 Angry German Kid Playing Doom 32x 5th September 2009
2 Angry German Kid makes a Sparta Remix 11th April 2011
3 Angry German Kid's Christmas Part 1: 8th December 2012
Part 2: 15th December 2012
4 Leopold and Leonard play Slendytubbies 11th May 2013
5 Leopold's Nightmares 17th November 2013
Harold series
8 Angry German Kid's Dad S1E1: Harold Works at KFC 23th April 2014
Season 2
Angry German Kid: Season 2 Intro 11th July 2014
1 Leopold goes to Drayton Manor Part 1: 12th July 2014
Part 2: 18th October 2014
2 Leopold Goes Back to School 6th September 2015
Angry German Kid: Hitler's Return 29th June 2013
Angry German Kid Tennis with Blockish Studios (Part 4) 12th September 2014
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