BlakeOrLeslie75 is the one thinking about Leopold. He made a series about him fighting Leopold.


In Episode 1, Leopold rips off a VHS tape of SpongeBob and shoves it into a ball of fire. His mother runs and sees it, then she badmouths Leopold. He refuses to get badmouthed, and quickly runs into the Zeus house. He sees Cindy Zeus in the bedroom, but he shoves her into the ball of fire.

In Episode 3, Leopold jumps into the Thriller home after being grounded. He only tries to kill Cindy. But he finds himself shoven into the bedroom. He jumps into Cindy's room, then he attacks Cindy by glaring at her. "Do you F*CKING want me to shove you into a ball of fire from the Zeus house?" Then he jumps into Cindy's soul, killing her. Quickly, she flies into her kitchen, and Leopold jumps up. Then, Mickey glances into him, but Leopold runs away quickly. Leopold dies when he runs into the bathroom.

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