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Xposur100 Xposur100 21 February

My Episode 41 of my AGK Series got taken down!

That idiot took down my Episode 41 of my AGK Series!

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Xposur100 Xposur100 21 February

This can't be happening!

I can't believe I got my account disabled for spamming. I didn't spam ever. It was a hacker who did that. Seriously, I'm innocent. It wasn't me, It was a hacker

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SonicFan08 SonicFan08 17 September 2021

Subscribe to SF08theKeyboardSmasher!

Subscribe to SF08theKeyboardSmasher: - home of AGK, ADK, AJK, APK, AFK, AGK's Dad and Downfall parodies. Also check out "SonicFan08 - home of MSAgent videos" and "SF08Alt - home of Carlton idents and effect videos".

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SonicFan08 SonicFan08 5 June 2021

Upcoming AGK episodes

Here is a list of upcoming AGK episodes.

  1. AGK Meets Sonic and Tails (inspired by CrashFan96)
  2. AGK Goes to School
  3. AGK's Room Gets Flooded with Sausage Eggs (an original video by me)
  4. AGK Meets Kaeru and Ronald
  5. AGK Watches Creepy Commercials
  6. AGK Gets Prank Messages
  7. AGK Tries to Cook Sausage Eggs (inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000)

  1. AGK Downloads Bonzi Buddy (inspired by PVMAGKVIDEOS)
  2. AGK's Birthday
  3. AGK Goes to McDonald's
  4. AGK's Uncle (inspired by CrashFan96)
  5. AGK and Company vs. AGK's Uncle (inspired by CrashFan96)
  6. AGK Plays Happy Wheels (inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000)
  7. AGK and Pepsiman (another original video)
  8. AGK Goes to School Again
  9. AGK Goes to Taco Bell
  10. AGK Blows Up the School (inspired by billywws)

  1. AGK Plays Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. AGK Goes to Jake's House
  3. AGK and J…

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SonicFan08 SonicFan08 4 June 2021

AGK's Babysitter

My new episode, AGK's Babysitter is out! Watch it on [1]. The next episode is "AGK Meets Sonic and Tails".

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Naaaa Naaaa 6 December 2020

AGK Angry German Kid (Leopold Slikk)

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UsefulAGKHelper UsefulAGKHelper 13 July 2019

Poll on the right sidebar is gone for a reason

Hello everyone, just so you know, the poll that was always on the right sidebar is gone due to lag and also because it's broken. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 27 April 2019

For Me, It's Time to Say Goodbye, AGK Wikia.

Since UsefulAGKHelper demoted me as admin due to my inactivity and promoting Taito back into admin in AGK Wikia, my AGK works were just waste thanks to my delay of Episode 23 and being lazy on how to finish all of my homeworks and doing anything on AGK Wikia. Getting demoted feels like a bad news to me, I had the powers of discussions, chat and content mods only. I can't block the vandals anymore. I was irresponsible enough to be an admin. The job I got that I have to patrol any activities there.

From now on, I'm creating my own transcript by using Microsoft Word as Fabrice did until I'll finish my Episode 60 as a sign of my return. I'm taking my 1 year of hiatus here and... Farewell, AGK Wikia. The wikia that I got used anytime. Being a mo…

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AGKandvideomaker2000 AGKandvideomaker2000 11 March 2019

Personal vent (Drama related)

Alright, I don't really like making vent threads mostly because I don't really want to feel bad and neither return to previously dealt drama but unfortunely I need to leave this out of my system

So Angel Amezquita is a kid who caused a rockus on my discord server and AGK wiki over him getting banned from both places.

I thought this was the last time I would hear from him...but no, the kid had to find a way to stir up this drama.

So after I banned him from the AGK wiki and my server, he started pestering Mr. Trollinator to get himself unbanned from my server. He has been sending him DM's asking to unban him from my server but as a good friend that is Troll, he let me know about this and wait for my response about this (Which obviously was a no…

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Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 27 February 2019

AGK: FM~The Movie~ Script

Since UsefulAGKHelper (Alex) has eliminated most of our unfinished transcripts and announced his blog, he said "wikia cleanup" as the main reason. In order to return the AGK series crossover script, put the lines on this blog's comment section and I'll copy them into my Microsoft Word document.

For the parts, I'll mention as the following:

  • Part 1: Valkyria's Plan to Start the Multiverse War
  • Part 2: Adrenaline21's AGK Universe
  • Part 3: Jayden Montoya's AGK Universe
  • Part 4: GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Universe
  • Part 5: YumaSonic2016's AGK Universe
  • Part 6: AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series
  • Part 7: Atarster's AGK Series
  • Part 8: PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series
  • Part 9: Merged Universe
    • Adrenaline21's AGK Series
    • YumaSonic2016's AGK Series
    • AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series…
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UsefulAGKHelper UsefulAGKHelper 14 February 2019

Unfortunately most of the transcripts have been blanked

If you saw that the transcript pages are blank (they're not even recognized as existence sadly), I'm sorry but I had to do this because most of the scripts were unfinished and haven't been edited for some time. I couldn't do it manually because it will take forever. I am extremely sorry if you worked on a very long script! But this had to be done in order to clean up the wiki. But don't worry, you can recreate it from scratch.

From now on, now that almost all scripts have been restarted, the template should be used now.

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Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 27 January 2019

Battle Orders in AGK: FM~The Movie~

  • 1 List of Battle Orders in AGK: FM~The Movie~
    • 1.1 Merged Universe
      • 1.1.1 Part 1
      • 1.1.2 Part 2
      • 1.1.3 Part 3
      • 1.1.4 Part 4
      • 1.1.5 Part 5
      • 1.1.6 Part 6
      • 1.1.7 Part 7
      • 1.1.8 Part 8

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

  • Leopold Slikk vs Kaeru Otoko (Training Mode)
  • Leopold's Crew vs Valkyria

  • Original vs Doppelgänger (Leopold Slikk (A21), Johnny Fort Spieler, Jack Randolf, Adrenaline21, Cauliflo, Ronald Suez, Spencer Grave, Kaeru Otoko, Vanessa Nakamura, Alisa von Dreissig)
  • The "Dark Weapon" vs Dark Leopold (UAGKH)
  • Fabrice Laroche vs Exetior Slikk/Leopold.exe (Origin: AGK&R2001, Appearance: A21)

  • Harold Slikk (A21) vs Harold Slikk (JM-Modern)
  • Leopold Slikk clones (with Leonard and Leonidas Slikk) vs Paradox
  • Adrenaline21 vs Jayden W. Montoya, Gene Bernardino (40T10) Dante, Ratchet and Yuya Kats…

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GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo 14 January 2019

Angry German Kid Subzero Wiki has made.

Here's the wiki:

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MetalGuy213 MetalGuy213 12 January 2019

Rarely Doing AGK Vids

Well... It's been a while since I did an AGK video because why I am barely active on my channel and I rarely do AGK videos since all my essence of editing have been going losing interest on myself and I'm about to say why?

  • I'm mostly now focused on my things since I was 17, I'm also focused on some games like Magic, Free Fire, Fornite, M.U.G.E.N and Rare Times GTA series, FIFA Series, MK Series, among others
  • My editing experience since 2011 has been decreasing due to I hanged out with people in 2016 to 2018 a lot.
  • I've gone several times in depression due to a hard time.

Well, since I have tried my best to explain as just I keep hoping for something else and probably bringing back my activity, if the destiny wants.

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UsefulAGKHelper UsefulAGKHelper 5 January 2019


Hello everyone! My apologies for not being active in this wiki for a while, my time isn't organized lately so yeah sorry. I wrote this blog because i just wanted you to know that most of the older admins in this wiki are inactive so it's the finally time to demote two of them. The reason why i am executing this action is because this wiki cannot be managed properly if most of the admins are becoming inactive, so now it's time to replace some of them later if the other ones also will become inactive.

Unfortunately, PVMAGKVIDEOS and JamaLamp95 will be demoted for being inactive in the wiki for a very long time. Thank you two for your contributions in the wiki as admins, it was sad to see you two go. :(

Now we need two users to replace their positio…

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Quite a big curiosity about Angry German Kid

Sure some people know it but Angry German Kid is (it has no one to piss off) JOKE. After releasing the film, Leopold (AKA: Angry German Kid) on his blog admitted himself that he is not addicted, he only has such a sense of humor and likes to pretend to be a moron and that the whole movie was set. Unfortunately, after the release of the film, he had problems at school, mainly from students who were teasing him. But of course someone had to see it and tell lies about it, or TV Focus TV. They bought the copyright for the film and created their own stories: The film was recorded by his father with a hidden camera because he knew that his son was addicted and wanted to know what he was doing after school. Many people believed it. Now AGK has it…

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Wazzupguys Wazzupguys 23 November 2018

Angry German Kid Fanon

honestly, for those who have ideas for AGK series but don't have the time/resources to make actual AGK series.

i think these are the best places

what do you guys think?

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UsefulAGKHelper UsefulAGKHelper 30 September 2018

NO MORE MISINFORMATION! There's a new rule about sourcing claims!

Hello, everyone! I'd like you to announce a rule change you probably you didn't noticed earlier but i'm going to say it now.

Just so you know, not adding sources, links or citations of an recently uploaded episode in the article near the text counts as a RULE VIOLATION for adding false information (or misinformation), especially in others' pages and may get you blocked for two or three days if repeatedly broken. (also, your articles will either get deleted or get sourced)

See Content rule #1.

The obvious reason why i applied this system and rule earlier is because, some contributors didn't actually linked the uploaded episodes (youtube urls) in the actual articles.  The other reason is also because we don't want our wiki to be cluttered with biased…

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Mrdavidatify Mrdavidatify 26 August 2018

Comparison between AGKavm2000 and myself's AGK series


AGKvideo's series is based off Ed Edd n Eddy

While GKProducer (me)'s series is gonna be based off Brandon Rogers (youtube) and some kitty0706 (there may be another inspiration)

Now this is unfinished and I probably wont finish it because procrastination, but (Im not sure if i'm supposed to ask this) if anyone has any ideas about what to add in here, comment in blog. 

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AGKFan640 AGKFan640 25 August 2018

My first blog post

This is my first blog post. I would like to see you guys post in my blog please. Thank you for your cooperation.

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UsefulAGKHelper UsefulAGKHelper 23 August 2018

Announcement regarding the creation of short pages.

In order to make new pages more notable, i decided to add a requirement to pages.

Here's how it goes:

Any pages that have content which is less than 700 letter characters (or bytes), the editor won't allow you to submit your edit until the page actually has 700 letter characters (or bytes). However, this does not apply to mediawiki, comments, threads, templates and blogs pages.

This change is ideal in order to prevent users from blanking their pages (which counts as removing content without Admins' consent).

If you have an opinion or dissagreement, go ahead and comment below! 

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Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 2 August 2018

Comparison Charts for Keyboard Master and Super KeyPower

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UsefulAGKHelper UsefulAGKHelper 28 July 2018

Episode 4 of my series is still rendering

Hello everyone! I'd like to say that i have an announcement related to my series. Episode 4 is finished! However, sadly it's still rendering and it's gonna take like 7 hours and 24 minutes... I hope you're patient enough because the evening will come after the rendering is finished. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

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UsefulAGKHelper UsefulAGKHelper 26 July 2018

Announcement regarding transcript pages

Hello everyone, i'd like to point out that we need to do a big change which is related to the transcript pages.

The change is about making the scripts more organized.

From now on any script page's name ending with "/script" must be changed to begin with "Script:" instead.

If you don't do this change, your script (if whose article name doesn't start with "Script:" will be deleted because it's outdated and sorting scripts makes it harder.

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GiveMeCovfefe GiveMeCovfefe 18 July 2018

FANDOM just introduced a new feature: "Announcements"

Only admins can use this feature. Go to Admin Dashboard and click "Announcements". Insert a title and a link (within domain). Users can receive announcements from the bell icon on the top right.

More info here.

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Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 27 June 2018

List of Character Battle Themes in A21 and GBL's AGK Series

In Adrenaline21 and GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series, most of the episodes contain battles with specific themes, usually characters what they fight. For the lists, see below.

  • Tales of Destiny (Director's Cut ver.)-I Miss You: Barney (part 1)
  • Rockman X5-Zero Space 2: Barney (part 2): Barney
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)-Wishing Upon Chaos Emeralds: Barney (part 3)
  • Hokuto no Ken-You are Shock (Instrumental): Adrenaline21
  • Sonic Unleashed-Eggman Land~Day ver.~: Sonic.exe
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2-Wave of Darkness: Adolf Hitler (plus AGK Remake Episode 5)
  • Rockman Zero 3-Cold Smile: Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps
  • Sonic Mania-Egg Reverie: Justin Bieber
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories-Lord of the Castle~HD 1.5 ver.~: Adolf Hitler (AGK Remake Episode 13)
  • Kingdom Hearts …

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UsefulAGKHelper UsefulAGKHelper 15 June 2018

Important announcement regarding"Leopold Slikk" page.

If you didn't noticed yet, the Leopold Slikk page is too long. So i need to split it in two separate pages, one about Leopold in real life, his career and videos. And other about the parody version of Leopold. The main page was protected temporarily.

So, if you have any feedback, don't hesitate! Feel free to discuss about the change here!

Also, i am bringing back blogs to the community.

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Mustafa yankı gürsel Mustafa yankı gürsel 13 March 2018

List of JOJO characters (gallery)

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Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 18 October 2017

List of Japanese Translated Character Names in A21's AGK Series

In this series, japanese translation always appears with Biodata bumper in the middle of episode since season 2.

  • レオポルトスリーク, Leopold Slikk
  • ジャックランドルフ, Jack Randolf
  • ジョニーフォルトシュピーレン, Johnny Fort Spielen
  • アドレナリン21, Adrenaline21
  • ロナルドスエズ, Ronald Suez
  • スペンサーグレイブ, Spencer Grave
  • 男カエル, Kaeru Otoko
  • 仲村バネッサ, Vanessa Nakamura
  • アリザフォンドライシー, Alisa von Dreissig
  • ジェイムズ マックスティック, James McStick
  • スティーブフォルトデミル, Steve Fort Demir
  • ジェイドアデリアホッパー, Jade Adelia Hopper
  • ジュディーホップス, Judy Hopps
  • ニックワイルド, Nick Wilde
  • ズイフォンドライシー, Sui von Dreissig
  • カリフラワー, Cauliflower
  • グレイブ/デベンスの家族, Family of Graves/De Vances
    • レイブングレイブ, Raven Grave
    • ケーチーグレイブ, Katie Grave
    • アルフォンソグレイブ, Alfonso Grave
    • アメリアデベンス, Amelia De Vance
  • スリークの家族, Family of Slikks
    • レオナードスリーク, Leonard Slikk
    • レオニダススリーク, Leonidas Slikk
    • グラディススリーク, Gladys Slikk
    • ハロルドスリーク, …

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Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 7 October 2017

List of Leopold's Forms in Adrenaline21 and GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series

Forms are initially introduced in GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series and continued again in Adrenaline21's AGK Series. Leopold has his different form in each series and many abilities are come up with its form.

  • 1 List of Forms
    • 1.1 Adrenaline21's AGK Series
    • 1.2 GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series
  • 2 List of Form's Abilities
    • 2.1 Adrenaline21's AGK Series
    • 2.2 GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series
  • 3 How to obtain
    • 3.1 Adrenaline21's AGK Series
  • 4 Trivia

  • Proto Form (Season 1)
  • 1st/Default Form
  • Unreal Tournament Form (Season 1)
  • 2nd Form (Season 2)
  • Bullet Form (Season 2)
  • Sharp Form (Season 2)
  • Accel Form (Season 2)
  • Final Form (Season 2)
  • Classic Form (Season OVA)

  • Default Form
  • Dragon Fire/Fiery Dragon Form
  • Powerful Wind Form
  • Blue Water Form
  • Keyboard of Doom Form
  • TBA

  • Proto Form: Default (Only on AGK …

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GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo 27 September 2017

List of Angry Sulu Kid crying

Here are the list of the episodes that we see Angry Sulu Kid crying.

  1. Angry Sulu Kid HUNTED!
  2. AGK's Girlfriend
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA
  6. TBA
  7. TBA
  8. TBA
  9. TBA
  10. TBA
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KoopaGalaxain KoopaGalaxain 29 August 2017

Episode 8 is coming!!

So, hello everyone! I know I've been very inactive recently, and it kinda sucks. Fortunately, I've come up with some plans to make the next episode in my series! I was close to having episode 8 done last year, but a broken hard drive made me lose all my hard work and my resolve for quite a while. Over a year later, I am back, and here we go!

Since you guys are probably wondering what the episode will be about, I'm not gonna spoil the whole thing - rather, I'll give you this teaser image I whipped up to whet your appetites!

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Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 26 August 2017

Chronology in Adrenaline21's AGK Series

  • Anti-Aging Nazi Clones' Birth: 29th April
  • Real-Fegelein's Death: 29th April
  • Real-Hitler's Death: 30th April

  • Harold's Birth: 8th January
  • Alvaro's Birth: 27th January

  • Gladys' Birth:

  • Raven's Birth: 15th December

  • Alvaro and Elisabeth's Marriage:

  • Victor's Birth:

  • Harold and Gladys' Marriage:
  • Raven and Katie's Marriage:

  • Leonidas' Birth: 27th April
  • Ronald's Birth: 15th September
  • Leopold's Birth: 16th September
  • Johnny's Birth: 15th October

  • Kaeru's Birth: 11th January
  • Jack's Birth: 17th April
  • Sui's Birth: 30th April
  • Spencer's Birth: 11th May
  • Noah's Birth: 18th December

  • Jaiden's Birth: 18th February

  • Fegelein's Creation of Keyboard Master:

  • Pony Video Maker's Birth: 15th January

  • Fabrice's Birth: 25th April
  • Gene's Birth: 23rd May
  • Jayden's Birth: 10th November
  • Al's Birth: 21st De…

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Pyschopasta Pyschopasta 4 May 2017

My last offer.

To all of the AGK Parodists on the Angry German Kid WIKI:

You all haven't been keen with me since I have made my offer to make the Angry German Kid battle with the Yelling at Cats Guy, well. I have expected more from you guys. Guess I'm an idiot for 'this' as well...

For this hypocritical decision ; I'm making my own WIKI, and we'll see who has the upper hand. I'm not just doing this out of jealousy of your talents, I'm doing this out of frustration of the fact that I'm "The New Guy", and needed encouragement, but you all didn't give that encouragement to me. So don't try and say that 'I'm gonna get over it' or 'I'm not all tough', cause I can do bad all by myself.

This is my last offer, so if you want to make this new episode of the Angry G…

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GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo 13 April 2017

Season 3 episodes download

Coming soon.

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GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo 13 April 2017

Season 2 episodes download

Coming soon.

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GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo 13 April 2017

Season 1 episodes download

  • Season 1 (on Google Drive)
  • Season 2 (on MEGA)
  • Season 3 (coming soon)
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Tctrain2 Tctrain2 7 April 2017

AGK Parodists remeber this?

A masage to the Angry german kid fandom 

rember this kind regards Tctrain2/fastforwardtt on devainart /tom collins on youtube

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BlueNewton BlueNewton 12 February 2017

I'm retiring on AGK for now...

Well... I'm sorry everyone but its my time to retire on AGK for now...

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Peter Sundler Peter Sundler 17 November 2016

I'm too old for this.

Dear Admin,

        I would like to delete all of my pages that I created, because I don't belong here in this Wikia anymore and besides I'm too old for this community and I don't deserved it. Thank you.

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Icepenguins101 Icepenguins101 11 November 2016

Your wishes are about to be true...

With the end of the short episode era coming, it's time to flip it around. Now that I've got my external hard drive, I can make longer episodes... so I can make people quit complaining about it :D

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KurwaAntics KurwaAntics 8 November 2016

Election day

If Donald Trump wins the election I will change this Wiki red.

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Honda1334Parodies Honda1334Parodies 7 November 2016

The AGK Animation Collab

The AGKMV contest has been replaced to the AGK Animation Collab. Please be reminded that you will need to watch this video.


No nudity or pornography is allowed.

No holocaust refrences.

No Hitler and Nazi lovers.

You can use other sources for your entry. Like Downfall etc.

You can use AGK green screen effects.

Your entry must be 0:30 to 8:00 long.

Your entry must have subtitles.

You can use your entry from previous collabs.

Your entry must be less than 6 months.

You cannot copy other people's entries.

No entries more than 8 minutes.

You can submit only 3 entries.


1. Your entry must be good enough to qualify.

2. No racism or semitism.

3. No saying bad things about AGK Parodists and characters.

4. It cannot be a YTP.

5. Your entry must not …

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KurwaAntics KurwaAntics 6 November 2016

WHAM extension is made available to all admins

Wipe Harris's mess off Wikia!

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Honda1334Parodies Honda1334Parodies 5 November 2016

New AGK Parodies Discord chat

I have created an AGK Parodies Discord chat. Here is the link if you would like to join.

Don't forget you will need an account to get inside the chat.

BTW, please reply to me if you have joined the chat.

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KurwaAntics KurwaAntics 31 October 2016

AGK Parodist Award 2017

The AGK Parodist Award hasn't been running for half a year. During this period more people had joined the community and make AGK parodies, so I think it's time to resume the award.

The new award will run once every 9 months.

  • Anyone can nominate up to three parodists, including yourself.
  • Nominees must be, or have been actively making parodies.
  • Nominees must have sufficient parody views. (Depends on notability)
  • Winners can no longer be nominated again since they win the award.
  • All qualified nominees will enter the first round voting. If a candidate received ≥50% votes, he/she will be inducted.
  • Otherwise, The candidates with more than the average votes will enter the second round voting. The candidate with the most vote wins.
  • 1st…
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Icepenguins101 Icepenguins101 29 October 2016


It's aggravating. We're all vandalized by Haris18 who is a huge vandal on the AGK wiki and other wikis. We should have someone ban him for REAL...

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Benwellzs28 Benwellzs28 29 July 2016

Happy 7th anniversary of the AGK Wiki

The AGK Wiki was created on 29 July 2009 and today is 29 July 2016. Now the AGK Wiki is 7 years old, even though it doesn't feel like it's been 7 years. Ah well, happy 7th anniversary Angry German Kid Wiki.

Also, on a side note, I'm back to making AGK videos after a 4 month retirement.

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KurwaAntics KurwaAntics 29 July 2016

Lua modules

(Assume you have never heard of Lua)

I have implemented some Lua modules.

1. Module:Demo
This module is only used on documentation of templates. It automatically format the output of a preformatted code. Example

2. Module:List
Used on listing AGK episodes. Some episodes are separated into several seasons. Each season succeed the previous one. This module is to enable users to start from a specific number. Example

3. Module:Transcript
Used on scripts. Example

4. Module:Tempnotice
Creates self-expire messages. Used on some notice templates like this.

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DrLuigiGamer2001 DrLuigiGamer2001 21 July 2016

Last time what i said before!

i said i will not continue my Youtube career? i mean i will not shut down my youtube account by tomorrow. That means i will post nothing until september 6th 2016. also i did not kill myself these russians will still targeting at me with their vandalism ability and they are not giving up as i said before remove YOUR REAL NAMES AND PROTECT YOUR PAGES AT ALL COSTS if you don't they probaly vandalise your page and your profile!

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