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"Oh yeah!" - Leopold Slikk

The below information contains spoilers for a parody series. Do not read ahead if you want it spoiled!

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“I I have retired from AGK for now...”

BlueNewton is a AGK parodist since April 2015. He makes parodies with Leopold being good instead of him being grounded.

He makes AGK parodies on mobile devices with iMovie and Cute Cut Pro, which are his main video making programs.

BlueNewton became inactive in Febuary 1st-May 12 for unknown reasons but then returning back to the community.

BlueNewton has officially retired from AGK which he want's to end with a post that is right here



  • BlueNewton
  • Eddy
  • Double D
  • Jimmy (Ed, Edd, n Eddy)
  • Cailiou
  • B.J
  • Riff
  • AGK'S uncle
  • Fegelein
  • The Annoying Mario head
  • Barney the flying dinocrap
  • Mr.Bob
  • Forky
  • Scammers
  • Rockydoes53
  • Conker
  • Tailsko
  • Emerald Miyamoto
  • Weegee
  • Hotel Mario
  • Cdi Link
  • Clarence
  • Sumo
  • Jeff
  • Tailsko's family
  • Scammer's assistant 
  • Sqeegee
  • Bellybutton
  • Jellybean

More characters coming soon..


Episodes in italic are cancelled.

  1. AGK watches Larva (TV series)
  2. AGK washes the dishes
  3. AGK watches AJK
  4. AGK has a hard job at home
  5. AGK and Leonard hide from strangers
  6. AGK and Leonard get revenge on their dad
  7. AGK and Leonard watch Larva (TV series)
  8. AGK watches PoOp videos
  9. AGK has a crazy messed up dream
  10. AGK plays FNAAGK 2
  11. AGK plays FNAAGK 1
  12. AGK goes to Jake's House
  13. AGK has an Awesome Dream
  14. AGK pretends to be sick
  15. AGK has an advance dream
  16. AGK vs. CD-i King
  17. AGK goes to his father's work place
  18. AGK, his brothers, Jake, and Aturo Outer go to KFC
  19. AGK watches Sackboy.exe
  21. AGK makes a book
  22. AGK's birthday
  23. AGK meets his clones
  24. AGK plays The Cursed of Thomas the Steam engine Horror
  25. AGK watches SHONNICK DA HEJHAWK 1 and 2
  27. AGK makes a Harold parody
  28. AGK and Jake's annoying sister
  29. AGK goes to school
  30. AGK plays AGK.Unzipped
  31. AGK vs Dark Leopold 1/4
  32. AGK vs Dark Leopold 2/4
  33. AGK vs Dark Leopold 3/4
  34. AGK vs Dark Leopold 4/4
  35. AGK goes to Scam's Department Store
  36. AGK sees a rat in his house 1/3
  37. AGK sees a rat in his house 2/3 (hailed)
  38. AGK sees a rat in his house 3/3 (hailed)
  39. AGK watches Doodle Toons
  40. AGK plays Sackboy.exe
  41. AGK babysits his brothers 1/4 (aka Leonard became placid on ADHD meds 1/2)
  42. AGK babysits his brothers 2/4 (aka Leonard became placid on ADHD meds 2/2)
  43. AGK babysits his brothers 3/4 (aka Leopold became hyper on ADHD meds)
  44. AGK babysits his brothers 4/4 (aka Leopold's siblings searches for Leopold and Leonard)
  45. AGK's special episode: Leonard and Leonidas goes to the multiverse 1/3
  46. AGK's special episode: Leopold and Leonidas goes to the multiverse 2/3 (hailed)
  47. AGK's special episode: Leopold and Leonidas goes to the multiverse 3/3 (hailed)
  48. AGK Watches ADK
  49. AGK watches Mugman
  50. AGK goes to school again (aka Scams saves AGK's participation from pulling the fire alarm)
  51. Back to the orinigal pilot (aka Leonard and Leonidas travels to the original AGK)
  52. AGK's report card
  53. AGK has a deadly nightmare
  54. AGK sells free donuts
  55. AGK cuts a bag of chips
  56. AGK watches Greatest Freakout Ever
  57. AGK Plays Sackboy.exe (Do Not Play This Level)
  58. AGK vs. the 100 Flys
  59. AGK plays Sackboy.exe (Play.Create.Die)
  60. AGK watches the YTP DVD collection
  61. AGK and Jake Pull Fart Pranks
  62. AGK plays Sackboy.exe Origins (ERROR IN FILE Sackboy.exe)
  63. AGK gets Annoyed by Mario head part 1/2
  64. AGK gets Annoyed by Mario head part 2/2
  65. AGK plays Geometry Dash
  66. AGK vs. the annoying Mario head
  67. AGK goes to Walmart
  68. AGK plays Sackboy.exe Origins (CORRUPT DATA IN FILE Sackboy.exe)
  69. AGK gets annoyed by mario head again
  70. AGK plays the truth of Sackboy.exe
  71. AGK gets annoyed by the TV
  72. AGK meets Mr. bob and Forky
  73. AGK meets the Angry Dominican Kid
  74. AGK and Jake goes to Dollar Land
  75. AGK goes to space 1/3
  76. AGK goes to space 2/3
  77. AGK goes to space 3/3 (aka AGK, Jake, Ronald, amd Atour Outer vs Corruption)
  78. AGK plays File name: "POSSESSION" created (Sackboy.exe origins)
  79. AGK gets annoyed by Mario head again two times
  80. AGK meets the Angry Sims Kid
  81. AGK's uncle and grandfather
  82. AGK makes a video game
  83. AGK gets annoyed by YTPs
  84. AGK's LBP3 profile gets corrupted
  85. AGK watches more Mugman
  86. AGK goes to The Dups
  87. AGK vs the tornado
  88. AGK watches even more Mugman
  89. AGK gets a Mario head costume
  90. AGK watches Madness Combat
  91. AGK and the SCP innocent
  92. AGK and the Mario Head innocent
  93. AGK and the wrath of the Madness 1/3
  94. AGK and the wrath of the Madness 2/3
  95. AGK and the wrath of the Madness 3/3
  96. AGK and Sim goes to GameScams
  97. AGK gets a Mario head virus
  98. AGK makes a DVD
  99. AGK plays Sackboy.Unzipped
  100. AGK, Jake, Ronald, and Atour Outer travels in time 1/3
  101. AGK, Jake, Ronald, and Atour Outer travels in time 2/3
  102. AGK, Jake, Ronald, and Atour Outer travels in time 3/3

More coming soon!



These are his wallpapers he made and you can use it to you computer, IOS, and PS Vita.

Characters in images

Special episodes, Bonus, and Remakes

  • AGK's Christmas special 1/3
  • AGK's Christmas special 2/3
  • AGK's Christmas special 3/3
  • AGK watches AJK remake
  • AGK goes to KFC remake
  • Leonard and Leonidas goes to the multiverse


BlueNewton was however inactive from February 1, 2016 for many reasons. He didn't announced his inactivity but he had to be inactive for the rest of the month to February - May 12, 2016. Many of his friends contracted him but he didn't respond during the past months. On May 13, 2016, He made a return back to the community and recently apologies to the community back after when they were worried for him.

Comic series

BlueNewton recently started his comics and posts them in G+ and in DeviantArt. His comics were Leonard and Leonidas goes to the multiverse (comic edition) and The AGK Movie 2: The return of Dark Leopold (comic edition).

Lack of Creativity

BlueNewton recently has lack of creativity which progresses him having no ideas or having boring creativity to work on.


According to a post, BlueNewton decide to retire AGK as his official announcement which states this is now his last AGK picture of Leopold moves on to a new journey.


IMac.jpg This user has a Mac.


  • BlueNewton created the official AGK community on Google+.
  • BlueNewton is a fan of Little Big Planet, Larva TV series, Sonic, Pokémon, Battle for Dream Island, and Mugman.
  • BlueNewton's favorite Little Big Planet character was Swoop in Little Big Planet 3.
  • BlueNewton likes Little Big Planet 3, but he has issues about the glitches that crash the game, when his profile gets corrupted in LBP3, and lags online, so he got pissed off.
  • BlueNewton's favorite character in Larva (TV series) was Red. (not from Angry Birds).
  • Somehow BlueNewton got a copyright claim because of his TV show called Larva in his first episode, which got lifted.
    • He also got a copyright claim for Episode 7 on May 5th, 2015, but only in South Korea.
  • Even though BlueNewton doesn't want Leopold to get grounded, he made him go to school in Episode 29.
  • BlueNewton didn't notice that Leosmash6772 was threatening AGK makers due to him closing his account, so he got really scared.
  • BlueNewton got a copyright claim on June 6th, 2015 in his AGK Scratch video due to Nintendo's game and copyright content but it expired on the same day.
  • BlueNewton added AGK meets Tailsko and Emerald to his episode list because of what happened in the wiki, and he is going to make it as his 81st episode.
  • BlueNewton hates UTTP's.
  • BlueNewton made 45 wallpapers and some special gifts for his friends.
  • BlueNewton used to hate Nolan B because of how he was stalking/ripping off (Content Deleted) for no reason.
    • BlueNewton now likes Nolan B because his Jake series and Angry French Kid series were pretty good. He then made Nolan B's sprite and he planned to make AGK meets Nolan B as well.
    • Despite this, Nolan's immature rambling about his inactivity has led himself and BlueNewton to retire.
  • BlueNewton remade one of his old episodes.
  • BlueNewton recently has been Inactive from February 1, 2016- May 13, 2016.
  • BlueNewton was a big fan of Mugman.

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