Blue Orb

The Blue Orb, before it was found by Leopold.

Blue Orb Leopold

Leopold, After absorbing the Blue Orb.

The Blue Orb is a powerful gem linked to Groudon, and appears in RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series. When Leopold (or anyone else for that matter) gains control of the orb by absorbing it, Strange markings cover his body and glow red. He also gains access to the legendary Blue Orb Keyboard, which is far more powerful than his Standard Keyboard. The Blue Orb was planted in Leopold's hotel room by Ultraman Belial, who planned to use Leopold's insane Blue Orb form to take over Berlin, but he lost control of Leopold, and left the city.


  • If the Orb is absorbed by a person, they generally retain the ability to think in a complex manner. However, When Leopold obtains the Orb, He is completely without rational thought.
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