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One of AGK's many enemies.

The Blue Screen of Death (usually abbreviated to BSoD in parodies), is one of many problems that Leopold goes through in many parodies. It usually comes out at the worst possible time or if the parody has a sentient computer, it will appear when the computer is messing with AGK. The most common gag is seen when AGK gets a virus on his computer and after a series of horrible things happening to it, will usually end with a BSoD and having Leopold smash his keyboard in rage.

In parodies

AngryGermanKid82's series

  • In episode 36, Leopold wanted to watch music videos, but his computer give him Rick Roll, Justin Bieber and Tunak Tunak Tun. The computer eventually crashed.
  • In episode 41, when Leopold and his parents went camping, he wanted to use his dad's computer. After Leopold finally entered the correct password, it crashed.

RCT3Crashes100's series

In episode 1, Leopold's computer suffers a BSoD after his poorly made Pokemon sprite fusion gets destroyed by a Mewtwo sprite. He then proceeds to break his keyboard in a fit of rage.

TheKewlOne96's series

  • Leopold got his first BSoD in episode 7 when he was in detention because of failing the exam.
  • In episode 13, when Leonard tried to download a UT hack, it crashed due to lack of memory.
  • In episode 25, Leopold's parents pranked him by putting a fake Blue Screen on his computer.
  • In episode 31, Leopold accidently downloaded a virus. It cannot run until Fegelein fixed it in episode 39.

TheAGKGenerations 2000's Angry German Kid Series

  • Currently, the BSOD has not made common appearances in TheAGKGenerations' Series. Despite that, it has made a appearance on Episode 14. It appeared when Leopold asked Jake to go on his computer, Leopold then proceeds to the login screen and unexpectedly comes the BSOD. Leopold then does a death start at it and smashes his keyboard, therefore leaving.



Blue Screen of Death in Windows 8, including a sad emoticon.

  • In real life, BSoD is caused by hardware or driver issues instead of viruses. [1]
  • In Windows 9x, BSoD also appears when an app has crashed. You can either close the app or restart the computer. In later systems, it is replaced by a small message box.
  • It is unknown that if Leopold is using Windows 9x systems. Or it is because Leopold's computer is severely lack of maintenance.

    When you survive a bsod without restarting