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Boytally18 is an upcoming Angry German Kid parodist who remakes videos by other famous parodists to fit to the current standards of quality and storytelling.


Leopold Slikk:

An uptight, vulgar 17 year old boy from Germany who's constantly disarrayed by his self-awareness to his status as a meme. Although not originally hotheaded, years of being subjected to hundreds of exploitive parodies rendered him exhausted to the point where he lost his mind.

Harold Slikk:

The struggling single parent of Leopold, who truly just wants the best for his son but doesn't understand what's making him so bothered as to disobey him. As a result, Harold tries to fight, or let alone raise, his son in order to tame him to do basic things required of an adolescent.

Leonard Slikk:

The so-called "Golden Child" of the family and Leopold's younger brother. He lives far away in a special, academically gifted children boarding school where he practices engineering.

Leonidas Slikk:

Harold's mentally unhinged nephew and cousin to Leopold and Leonard. His mental disturbance was caused by a birth defect, as well as his other odd behaviors. He isn't allowed to be regularly outdoors and lives mostly in his grandmother's care.

Jake Randolf:

Leopold's best friend since their very early childhood. He's known to be a very helpful assistant to Leopold, however anything else about him is shrouded in mystery.

Ronald Ramirez:

A 17 year old boy from the Dominican Republic who, like Leopold, bases his actions on anger. Although neither good or evil, he will go to extreme lengths when his luxury of playing Team Fortress 2 is at stake.

Kaeru Otoko:

A 20 year old man who has kept being held in 11th grade and is mostly disconnected from his own environment.

Eric R. Sims:

Referred by his peers as Sims, he spends his days either trolling or getting beat up as a consequence.

Mr. Diknoz:

A forgiving and patient teacher who was especially assigned to deal with the likes of children such as Leopold.

Principal Sbaitso:

The strange principal of de_school2, who consists of being an artificial intelligence operating from a rather old computer onto a system that registers any major occurring in the school ground.


# Title Uploaded Length Watch
1 Angry German Kid Sees Himself On YouTube 13/8/2021 4:32 [1]
2 Angry German Kid Goes To School 17/8/2021 8:36 [2]