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Brian Chiem's AGK Series was an Angry German Kid series where Leopold Slikk, Brian, and his friends travel to other countries and features many episodes where Leopold Slikk speaks in different languages. As of July 2014, Brian Chiem has closed his accounts and cancelled his series. He also had a ZippCast account which was terminated for violating the website's community guidelines.

On the AGK Wiki

Until his series was deleted and his YouTube Account removed in 2014, Brian Chiem was a very active member on the Wiki under the user name of BrienAGKChiem. However, his grammar and spelling was very poor, in a similar fashion to NeinCatAGK/YaRaNaiKa3n. However, unlike YaRaNaiKa3n, Brian Chiem made very little effort to improve his grammar, despite being a native speaker of English (YaRaNaiKa3n was not a native speaker) and using relatively decent grammar in his videos. Brian Chiem's account on Wikia was banned shortly after he deleted his series after he squabbled and fought other users on the site.

Video Editing

Brian's series features outdated and rubbish editing, mostly done in MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Characters cannot visibly move, nor are they properly cut out from their backgrounds.


An example of the poor editing in Brian Chiem's episodes.

Brian Chiem's series is notable for being extremely nonsensical, hard to follow and generally confusing. It features random characters who appear to be shoehorned (Characters who are placed into the plot for no apparent reason) into the plot, and have absolutely no character development other than that they either like or hate Leopold Slikk. Owing to Brian Chiem's apparent interest in Hong Kong and nearby countries, almost all of these characters are Asian or have Asian ancestry.

It would also appear that Brian Chiem has a strong hatred towards Islam, Middle East countries, and Muslims.

Leopold is often shown speaking in other languages through the subtitles, but no attempt is made to translate what he is saying, alienating people who don't or can't speak the languages used. It is also noted that religious groups and conservative Muslims could be offended or angered by his whole series, due to hatred towards Muslims.

Leopold, despite supposedly being the star of the series, usually suffered to an extreme extent in the series, even inexplicably being executed, sometimes several times during the same episode.

Brian Chiem also claimed that he is from Hong Kong, and he loves listening to songs from that country but actually is an American, who knows very little about Hong Kong, including current events, featured people and so on. He can't even write in correct Chinese. Yhynerson1 once asked him about the recent issues in Hong Kong, however he answered that he knew nothing regarding them.