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cZlink87's AGK series is an AGK series started in late August 2011, and only lasted 3 months.

The Beginning & The End

The creators name is Steven. Steven got his ideas from videos by AngryGermanKid82 PetterBolos12 etc. Steven wanted to started to start his own series. through out. His videos were doing well. Until times got tough. Steven could not make his AGK videos. Steven hardly had any time. When steven was going to make more. his Sony Vegas trial version ran out of days.

For a couple of months. He canceled the videos because of that. he thought that Windows Movie Maker was crappy and Steven refused to use it. And all the other software's were too slow and hard to use.

In November of 2011. He came back to start fresh again. With a new Sony Vegas to start with. He made a few episodes. And then more personal/family problems occurred. when Steven was overwhelmed with the crap he was piled up in. he had to cut the videos for good. and that was the end of the series.


Season 1: August, 2011

  1. Angry German Kid Finds Himself On the Internet
  2. Angry German Kid's Beating's
  3. Angry German Kid's Madness I

Season 2: August & September, 2011

  1. Angry German Kid's Super Nintendo (2 parts)
  2. Angry German Kid's Spam Mail
  3. Angry German Kid's Madness II

Season 3: November 2011

  1. Angry German Kid Beats His Dad
  2. The Game Show?
  3. Roasted Turkey (A Thanksgiving Special, 2 parts)


  1. (UNKNOWN) (August 2011)
  2. Angry German KId In: The Loading.... (August 2011)

Intro Movies

The total of 4 intro movies were made


The first Season 4 episode was finished. Is was called "Back To School". Steven never released it. And a haif finished episode called "Into The Caves".


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