Carlos The Stickman formerly known as "Carlos" is a stickman OC created by Joey Slikk, He is based on/off and inspired by Daniel Gajardo Pulgar, He first appeared in Episode 1 of Joey Slikk's AGK Series, He only appeared in the creepypasta video known as "Carlos.avi", Where he walks around in a dark empty room, walks toward the screen and staring at the viewer. He even stared at Leopold Slikk who was the viewer watching Carlos.avi, And he even stared at Leopold in a dream where it takes place on the Carlos.avi creepypasta video.


He has a White round head, Has the body of a stickfigure, And has the face of Daniel, He does tend to have a different amount of expressions.


Tyler the Stickman, Sherri, Joey Slikk



  • Carlos The Stickman was also made for M.U.G.E.N, So he can be downloaded at MeadiaFire
  • Leopold watches carlos.avi PVMAGKVIDEOS agk series.

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