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Carrotkiller101's agk series is a series of angry german kid videos and will air in September

season 1 episodes

Episode 1 agk plays jedi outcast episode 2 agk goes to school. Episode 3 agk gets revenge on his school. Episode 4 agk goes to jail. Episode 5 agk escapes from jail. Episode 6 agk vs bob. episode 7 agk sees himself on YouTube . Episode 8 agk's nightmare. Episode 9 agk watches reboot. Episode 10 agk vs evil brian. Episode 11 agk plays jedi academy. Episode 12 agk vs megabyte part 1 Episode 13 agk vs megabyte part 2. Episode 14 agk and larry episode 15 agk gets stalked (introducing meg griffin new brian shade aurra sing and Edward Cullen as the enemies and introducing fry) episode 16 agk and fry vs the stalkers episode 17 agk's crazy dream episode 18 Agk's girlfriend episode 19 agk watches evantubehd episode 20 agk watches dora the explorer episode 21 agk vs dora episode 22 agk's worst nightmare episode 23 agk and fry vs the scarecrow (season finale)

season 2 episodes

Episode 24 agk and Evan (introduces the YouTube star evantubehd all though he isn't voiced by himself ) episode 25 agk vs the overlord (featureing Kai cole jay zane and lloyd) episode 26 agk meets kyle (played by carrotkiller101 himself) episode 27 agk goes to legoland (featuring Noah and ronald) episode 28 agk's YouTube account gets terminated episode 29 agk goes to Jr's funland (first part of arc series) episode 30 agk escapes from Jr's funland (note the episode will be in 2 parts) episode 31 agk and bob vs junilor (bob dies in this episode :( and everyone gets un pocessed) episode 32 agk plays slender episode 33 agk watches dora the explorer episode 34 agk vs dora (note Noah jake larry and vinny and Ronald are in this episode as well)

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