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The teaser photo for this arc.

This is the story arc which is made by Adrenaline21 and GeneBernardinoLawl.

Theme song for the full story arc: "Cold As Ice" by Blacklite District (same as the ending credits and the trailer for the episode "Angry Sulu Kid HUNTED!", except "Promise Next New World" for the first ending credits of Angry Sulu Kid HUNTED! due to Adrenaline21 selects the theme).



This backstory is based on the Mighty Magiswords's Hoppus Story Arc

Being the part of the Techies Gang (Chapter 1)

5 months ago, Angry Sulu Kid and Madeleine Meanwhore are originally the part of the Techies Gang.

More will be written soon...

The Destruction of the Techies Gang (Chapter 2)

Coming soon...

Sasha and Angry Sulu Kid (Chapter 3)

This is the non-MLG version and the extended version of the video "Crazy Ukrainian Kid vs Angry Sulu Kid " with the reupload of the original Angry Sulu Kid video.

Coming soon...

Madeleine Meanwhore vs. the Pirates (Chapter 4)

Coming soon...

The Darkness Inside Angry Sulu Kid (Chapter 5)

Coming soon...


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