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40T10 and Danelda are dead but Danelda is a only one become a ghost. 40T10 and Danelda are still alive.
This series takes a place after the series finale of The Adventures of the Purple Plumber and the Lagomercenary This series takes a place after The Angry German Kid Movie: Road to Power Up and Final Mix
The style of the series is sometimes on Mighty Magiswords style The style of the series is a caption style from Angry German Kid: Final Mix
All the characters fully speaks English. All the characters speaks German, Japanese, Polish & English
Hoppus was naked when he's in Leopold's vision (on the episode "Farewell, Gene") and when he's very sad (on the episode "The Mutant Rabbit Warrior's Sadness") Haven't seen Hoppus naked on each scene.
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