Cassie the Fox is one of the side characters and one of PrinceStickFigure's original characters in his Angry German Kid Series. She doesn't know much about Leopold Slikk, but she does know about some of his allies including Steve the Cat and Gum the Yoshi. She is a more relaxed and she is also in love with Logan the Deer. She is voiced by text to speech voice Jennifer.


Cassie is the only child in her family. She was cared for by her mom and dad. She had a human friend named Lily, who she was good friends with when they first met in the first grade. Lily sadly had to move during the third grade because of her dad's new job. But she met Gum the Yoshi in the fourth grade and became good friends. They also went to the same high school together. In high school, she became friends with Ruby the Dragon, but she didn't see the keyboard crashers often. She graduated from high school and stayed with her parents for a while. She encountered Leopold Slikk while going for a walk. She didn't recognize him at first, but he said dumb stuff and roasted her while Jake Randolf recorded them. Several months later, after Sim kicked her into the air at the library, she crashed into Steve the Cat's house while he was taking a shower and he took her home. As much as she wanted Steve to be her boyfriend, he was already with Jade the Rabbit, so she couldn't. But she did one day meet Steve's friend Logan the Deer and they got together. His old girlfriend Katrina Kliss was OK with it because of what happened between him and her dad and she was now with Leopold. Cassie and Logan then moved into a new apartment together and have lived there since. Cassie likes watching Netflix and relaxing. She currently lives with her boyfriend Logan the Deer.


She appears in Episode 4 of PSF's rebooted series where Leopold and Jake are trying to do a prank video for YouTube and Leopold goes up to her and says dumb stuff around her and eventually roasting her. She runs off angry and Gum comes to Leopold and Jake from behind.

She doesn't appear again until Episode 11, where she is at the library and she encounters Sim. She got kicked into the air by him and lands at Steve's house while he is taking a shower. She is introduced by Steve's mom Martha and Steve takes her home.

In xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx's AGK Series, Cassie was an 18 Years Old College Student, But she is friends with Leopold & Audrey, But she doesn't appear until Episode 14.


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