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Charles Simon Slikk is a character from TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07's AGK Series. He didn't appear yet, but it's considered that Charles will appear in TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07's Episode 18 of his AGK Series


Charles Slikk was born on August 27, 1882 as the second child of John Slikk and Amanda Slikk. He mostly defends little kids from getting bullied, and kids thank him for that.

He mostly watches TV and sometimes hangouts with his brothers Bartholomew and Oscar.

When Charles noticed that his parents were killed by a soldier, Charles was out of control, and eventually he took revenge on the soldier and beat him to death. When he beat the Soldier to death, he calmed down, but he and his brothers were sad that their parents were killed.


TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07's AGK Series

Charles didn't appear yet in TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07's AGK Series, but he will first appear in Episode 18 while fighting a bad guy.


  • Charles is the second oldest person in the Slikk family who lives for that long, considering that he's currently 138 years old.
  • He's considered to be the hero of the Slikk family by Harold and Barry