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Chun-Li is a video game character from Street Fighter II. She is Leopold's first teacher in Medina High School in Che Clarke's AGK Series, and a major antagonist in Atarster's AGK Series.

Chun-Li Xiang
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March 1, 1968

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5' 7



Atarster's AGK Series

In Episode 25: AGK & Rocko, Chun-Li made a cameo appearance in the flight to New York part.

In Episode 34: AGK's Visit to Noah's House, Chun-Li & Cammy are captured and brainwashed by Adolf Hitler in an attempt to exact his revenge on Leopold. Later, after Leopold arrived at Noah's house, Chun-Li and Cammy enacted their plan to eliminate Leopold; donning Ren & Stimpy costumes, they managed to gain entrance to Noah's house. Later that night, Noah is playing Sonic on his Genesis that he got from Leopold, when suddenly, the power goes out. Noah and Leopold, immediately get suspicious. At that moment, the two women remove their costumes and attack the duo, but are soundly defeated.

In Episode 54: AGK Meets Ren & Stimpy, Chun-Li and Cammy made one final attempt to take out Leopold, once and for all. The two women are given access to Mecha LeVar Brown, a giant mech suit obviously modeled after LeVar Brown himself and track down Leopold, finding him at Ren and Stimpy's house. After the mech is destroyed, Chun-Li and Cammy decided to fight with Leopold and his friends directly. After the battle, they are freed from Hitler's mind control, and they apologized. They have not been seen since.

She is voiced by Emily Mason.