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Connor Marini is known for voicing characters in AGK series like Atarster, FallenAGKvideos, and many more.

Connor Marini makes an appearance in NintendoWizard456's AGK Series as the Angry Catalan Kid



  • Episode 1: AGK moves into his New House
  • Episode 2: AGK's first day of School
  • Episode ?: AGK meets Ed, Edd 'n Eddy


Also Known as:

Angry Catalan Kid


  • AGKandRockman2001 thinks Connor Marini looks like an adult. (No offense) Another user told him in the comments of one of his videos that he looks like Jesus.


AGKandvideomaker2000's Discord server kick,

Back in 2020, Connor Marini decided to interrupt a topic in the vent-serious channel on AGKandvideomaker2000's server and constantly pinged everyone. Then he lashed out on PrinceStickFigure threatening to report his account, causing him to get kicked from the server.

Pedophile Allegations

As of March 15, 2021, Connor has been called out for constantly using the phrase "Absolutely Magnificently Perfect" on Twitter, even directing the phrase to minors. He has also lashed out on everyone who called him out for it and it was revealed that he tried to steal a non-binary voice actress named YuriHaru from her significant other. It was even revealed that Connor got into a fight with a former member of the AGK community, lashed out on him, said horrible things to him, and cut all ties with him over the situation the same day.

Rain20_Sky on Twitter recently found out that Connor had romantic feelings for 2 younger people that are already taken. One was 13-14 years old, and the other recently turned 18.

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