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Contact Gamer is a new AGK parodist from Dec 2015, he made his first AGK video titled 'Angry German Kid Plays MSD'. This game is Metal Slug Defense, which is a tower defense game made by SNK Playmore. At 4 Jan 2016, he announced that he will still upload videos but not regularly due to his school term problems. He also will make AGK videos every month at least. He is a new to AGK so please do support him as he is a newbie. There is errors on videos. He's birthday has been removed due to privacy issues. Also, he made a Funny Gaming Loltage on his channel which also features Leopold and Harold fighting each other but different alias or personality.

He got terminated accidentally because of YouTube violation. Whether they will return or not is currently unknown.


# Title Date Length Watch
1 Angry German kid's Dark Space TBA TBA
2 Angry German Kid Plays Metal Slug Defense TBA TBA
3 Angry German Kid Plays FNAF TBA TBA


*(Released) -(Not released or not confirmed yet) **(Violated or Removed by YouTube)

Characters Used

Leopold Silkk

Harold Silkk

(Others are yet to confirmed)

Links and social media

(Below were not available now, Please do not click on it yet) (Facebook page) : Based on what he's videos are made of.... These video editors are not 100% correct. The percentage below is the chances of these editors could make this project/video. Higher the more possibility. Videopad |}