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The Angry German Kid Misadventures (Later The Leopold Misadventures) was formally an AGK Parodist ever since 2010 or 2011, almost all content of the episodes is animated. The characters have legs, and all of their actions are animated (arm movements, walking animations, etc...) The series currently have 5 episodes. The episodes revolves around Leopold, and his friend Jake. The series is now cancelled, following an animation, the Leopold Misadventures.

Sometimes ago he changed his channel name to "Cornish Gibs"[2]

But somewhere around 2017, or 2018, He closed his account, and all of his AGK Episodes are gone.

But, some of his episodes got reuploaded, The others have remain lost.


  • Leopold Slikk - As always, the main protagonist of any AGK series. Terrible at school, and the worst nightmare of any class teacher, Leopold is a lazy, kinda maniac, strong but occasionally fearful kid. He hates school, and likes to play games on his computer, mainly Unreal Tournament and Team Fortress 2. He lives in a Berlin suburb, with his family.
  • Jake Randolf - He is the total opposite of his best friend Leopold: Jake is a genius. He is imaginative, good at school and likes inventing all kind of crazy objects, mainly weapons. He is in the same class as Leopold. He is occasionally annoyed by Leopold, but tries to be as tolerant as he can.
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's father. He is an abusive dad when he gets angry with his son, and is a terrible employee. Like Leopold, he doesn't do much at work and likes to play on his computer. Nobody knows how he still gets paid. However, he appears to be more intelligent than most 'incarnations' of himself, and knows the value of Education in getting a good life.
  • Mr. Winckel - Leopold's headteacher. He is very patient with Leopold's behavior, unlike the others school teachers. This character's sprite is from the "Crazy german kid assistant" YouTube video.


Title Description
1 Leopold plays Night Trap In this first episode, Leopold plays a scary Sega CD game called Night Trap.
2 Leopold vs. Night Trap The sequel to the first episode. Later that night, Leopold gets attacked by monsters, which are very similar to the ones in the game.
3 Leopold and the new school year Leopold wakes up, and find out it's the first day of school. He is forced by his father Harold to go there, where he meets Jake, his best friend.
4 MARIO While his parents are absent, Leopold must clean up the attic. In there, he finds a weird SNES cartridge, with the name "MARIO" written on it. He assumes it must be a Mario game, and puts it in his Super Nintendo to play it.
5 Ben's Return This episode revolves around Leopold's fight against the mysterious entity, called BEN which escaped the cartridge after finishing the game.

Animation, software used

The show's style of animation is mainly inspired by sprites animations, South Park, and different kinds of cartoon/Japanese animes. All details are animated (mouth movement, legs movements, arm movements, characters' moods, etc). The animations are done in After Effects CS3, the characters, the backgrounds and objects are drawn in Photofiltre Studio X. The video montage was done with Windows Live Movie Maker for the first 2 episodes, the author later switched to Cyberlink PowerDirector for its ease to use.