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Croyt Hollows Parker is one of Leopold's bullies and a friend of Stephen Quire.


Croyt is very rude, selfish, harsh, cruel, violent, and an overall delinquent like Stephen, only edgier, more racist, a bigger homophobe, a bigger transphobe, and more antisemitic.

He doesn't even get along with his family, especially his father and younger brother. He views his dad as a sexist and a child abuser but can't move out until he changes his ways as what his mom says. He views his younger brother as an annoying brat who likes to anger others.

Despite his favorite games being the Halo, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto series, he's quick to raging, just like with Leopold, Ronald, Silver, Kaeru, and Stephen. Croyt has been banned from many Super Smash Bros. Venues for damaging others' controllers and even committing violence in public over losses in matches with others, including an incident between him and a very young cat-human back in 2017.

Croyt is also known for using people for his actions against Leopold and his friends. He may get along with Stephen very well. He finds Eddy rather annoying for someone his age. He sometimes makes fun of Ethan for his height as well as mistaking him as an underage highschooler just like how he mistreats Leopold's biggest fangirl.


Physical Appearance

Croyt has brown hair, blue eyes, wears a black shirt, gray pants, ebony shoes, and an X-shaped necklace.

Appearances in AGK Episodes

Episode 3 (Debut)

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17


  • Croyt parker is heavily based on the real Croyt from the Croyt's rage series on YouTube.
  • He is another variant of Croyt from Croyt's rage after Croyt from CasperTheLawlBro2001's AGK series.