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Crucial (formerly SBPTSAngryGermanKid) is an AGK parodist since 2009.

2015 Angry German Kid Series

Crucial's AGK series focuses on character development, special effects, plot-lines, and overall, great quality. He states that "Angry German Kid needs someone to bring it back from the depths of internet hell, and I set forth to do that mission. I'd swear to re-invent AGK and make it popular again", meaning that he did not like where people were taking the series, such as being immature, or making terrible parodies.

Where most of the action takes place.


  • Leopold Slikk (The main protagonist of the series)
  • Jake Randolf (The deuteragonist of the series)
  • Harold Slikk (The main antagonist of the series, Leopold's abusive father)
  • Mary Slikk (The secondary antagonist of the series, Leopold's overprotective mother)
  • Jeffery Slikk (The main antagonist when Leopold travels back to 1966, Leopold's abusive grandfather)


  1. Angry German Kid gets trapped in the restroom
  2. Angry German Kid goes back in time (Part 1)