Cth103 was an AGK parodist who made AGK Videos since March 2016.

His backup channel was here but the account isn't available anymore.



Italic were cameos. Bold were the canceled upcoming characters.


  • He used Sony vegas pro 10. Now he uses Sony vegas pro 13
  • He's pretty good at making 3D stuff.
  • Cth had a deviantart account but... yeah...he.makes....emotes.
  • He is the third french AGK maker, the two others are François Ulrich (TheAGKMisadventures) & Fabrice Laroche.
  • His first youtube channel was created in 2012 and named "nick geant" . Good old times...
  • He is friend with PVMAGKVIDEOS And MilesTheCreator , on Gamejolt.
  • He will use multiple sources



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