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Cubsrule2040's AGK Series is all about mainly Leopold Slikk.

His last AGK parody was uploaded 3 years ago, and now he mainly makes elevator and GoAnimate stuffs.

He has all of his AGK videos removed.


  • Leopold Slikk - The main character, a 14-year old troublemaker. Leopold only cares about video games, especially Unreal Tournament, and things that he likes. He hates school and fails every subject. He is constantly getting into trouble, causing him to be grounded by his parents and getting suspension and detention. In many episodes, when he is in the principal's office, he smashes the phone to prevent the principal from informing his parents. His favorite foods are sausage eggs and the filet-o-fish sandwich.
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's youngest brother. He gets good grades in school, unlike Leopold who gets all F's.
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's abusive dad. He always punishes and grounds Leopold for causing trouble at school and failing every assignment and exam. He gets mad easily at work, causing him to break his computer; he was fired from a job. His name originally was Hector but changed it to Harold sometime between the 16th and 17th episodes.
  • Kathy Slikk - Leopold's mom. She punishes Leopold for creating trouble at school.
  • Mrs. Konay - Leopold's teacher for all of his subjects.
  • Mr. TissenCrupp - the first principal of Leopold's school. Each time Leopold does something bad at school, he gives him detention, suspension, in-school suspension, and informs his parents; however, Leopold often deprives Mr. TissenCrupp of the latter by smashing both the phone in his office and his computer keyboard. But he would give Leopold a longer suspension/detention time for smashing the phone in his office. He was fired after Leopold failed the Dumb Test and was replaced by Principal Beckwith.
  • Mr. Beckwith - the second and current principal of Leopold's school. He became the school's next principal after Mr. TissenCrupp got fired. Like his predecessor, Mr, Beckwith suspends Leopold but also forces him to serve detention.
  • Ronald Ramirez - the Angry Dominican Kid. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he moved to Germany after getting expelled from school. Initially Leopold and Ronald had arguments over which game was better between Halo 3 and Unreal Tournament. However, Leopold decided he liked Halo 3 and became good friends with Ronald. Like Leopold, Ronald hates school and fails every subject, and only likes playing video games.
  • Adolf Hitler - Leopold's first substitute teacher after Mrs. Kone temporarily quit teaching. Leopold pulled a prank on him by building a robot that looked like Hitler himself and had the robot send hate messages to the students, causing Hitler to get arrested
  • Hayden Panettiere - Leopold's second substitute teacher.


Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic. Episodes in progress are in bold.

Season 1

  1. Angry German Kid Films an Elevator
  2. Angry German Kid Has a Fire Drill
  3. Angry German Kid's First Epic Fail
  4. Angry German Kid Gets Busted While Filming an Elevator
  5. Angry German Kid Goes to McDonald's
  6. Angry German Kid Goes To School
  7. Angry German Kid Films his Dad
  8. Angry German Kid Takes A Spelling Test
  9. Angry German Kid versus the Essays
  10. Angry German Kid Films his Dad A Second Time
  11. Angry German Kid Runs Away
  12. Angry German Kid is Missing
  13. Angry German Kid Returns Home
  14. Angry German Kid Takes the Dumb Test
  15. Angry German Kid retakes the Dumb Test
  16. Angry German Kid gets In-School Suspension and a New Principal

Season 2

  1. Angry German Kid's Report Card
  2. Angry German Kid Cuts School
  3. Angry German Kid Gets Revenge On His School
  4. Angry German Kid Goes To Juvenile Detention
  5. Angry German Kid Films His Dad a Third Time
  6. Angry German Kid's New School & AGK's Dad in Jail
  7. Angry German Kid's Dad Returns
  8. Angry German Kid Meets Angry Dominican Kid
  9. Angry German Kid's New Teacher
  10. Angry German Kid Meets Talking Pierre the Parrot
  11. Angry German Kid Goes to Blake's Lotaburger