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Most statements in this article are not backed by legit materials such as YouTube videos or web pages. Without these users may suspect the truthfulness of the statements. Information which is not backed by any legit materials for too long will be deleted.

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This article page contains information regarding a less known parodist.
Such information may be less notable and lack additional links to the original sources as described in the article.
Do not claim anything AGK-related in this article without linking.
Spoilery information (upcoming) should not be overused or overspread in other articles unless they link to the respective parodist's article.
Articles will be checked to verify that the parodist's spoiler page(s) all link to this article.

DanielAGKSeries is a parodist who makes AGK videos. ==History== History regarding the parodist. ==Characters== ===Leopold Slikk=== Description about the character in the series. ===Harold Slikk=== Description about the character in the series. ==Episodes== {|class="wikitable" |- !# !Title !Uploaded !Length !Watch |- |1 |AGK Plays Daniel.EXE |13rd February, 2019 |4:19 | |- |2 |Second AGK Episode |Unknown |0:00 | |} ==Gallery== Example.jpg|caption ==Trivia== *Trivia.


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The below information contains spoilers for a parody series. Do not read ahead if you want it spoiled!

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