danieltdp2 is a Unterganger and AGK parody maker. He has over 600 subs and 10,000 views. danieltdp2 used to make gaming videos until he started to make parodies instead.

danieltdp2 started YouTube since May 10, 2015. However, he didn't started making parodies at that date. In September 2017, he started making AGK parodies.

On December 1, 2017, he decided to make a change to his channel about him privating and deleting most of his videos for the change to take affect.

danieldp2 not only makes parodies, but he also makes YouTube Poops. His first YouTube Poop was posted on his YouTube channel in November 29, 2017.

danieltdp2 decided to only upload gaming videos and other stuff in his second channel, danieltdp2Extras, because he converted his channel to a only parody channel.

danieltdp2 uses PowerDirector, ActionDirector and KineMaster to make his AGK/Downfall Parodies. These video editors are for phones.

He is still uploading parodies to this day. Therefore, his status is active.

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