Danny Randolf is one of the members of the Randolf Family, mostly known as the younger brother of Jake Randolf, born in June 15th of 2006, He is friends with Leonard Slikk, also known as Leopold´s younger brother


He is an imperactive kid that likes to play videogames, play with action figures and uses his imagination for most of his role play meetings with friends. Unlike Leopold and Leonard, he has a good relationship with Jake and usually will help eachother, however he has a neutral relationship with Leopold and other Slikk family members, However, the only Slikk he has a good relationship with is Leonard since he is the most normal one out of the family


AGKandvideomaker2000's AGK Series

He is first seen on episode 97 as a viewer of the dare between Leonard and Ronny to steal Leopold´s UT 2003 copy to mess with him, it has been comfirmed that in episode 99, he will have a really quick cameo for a joke. He is second seen on episode 101 as a Angry german kid plays ET for the Atari 2600, Leopold's neutral hate him.


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