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Dark AGK

Dark AGK (also known as Dark Leopold) is Leopold's Dark form when he consumed the Dark Eco after he defeated Fred of the Seven Hells.


Same as Demon AGK from TheDrapocalypse's AGK Series, except he is more agressive and ruthless.


Dark agk first appearance

Dark AGK first appearance in Episode "Fred Battles and Dark Leopold"

Dark AGK made his first appearance in pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series in the Episode "Fred Battles and Dark Leopold". In his first appearance, his face looks exacly like him but in Color Film Negative. Later his skin tone changed to Gray and his turned dark (resembling Dark Jak from Jak and Daxter series).


Dark AGK has the same ability as Dark Jak except he has a keyboard. Oracle later learned him a move called Dark Keyboard Bomb(also known as Dark Slam). He now rarely uses his Dark Powers because Captain PS destroyed the Seven Hells Dark Eco Orb to prevent Leopold from being a beast.


  • The Reason why pauladrian360 changed his look is because it's to avoid getting confused with Demon AGK (made by TheDrapocalypse).
  • He is one of the AGKs to appear in a drawing instead of his picture (despite that pauladrian360 has an art of him w/ Captain PS), the other is Demon AGK when he was fully possessed.

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