Dark Leopold (also known as Dark German Kid or Dark AGK) is an antagonist originally created by Pauladrian360. He appears in series like TheAGKGenerations2000's series or MilesTheCreator, but they are different diversely. He was once a protagonist in Pauladrian360's series but became a main antagonist in most other series nearly 5 years ago.


Pauladrian360's series

DGK is Leopold's Dark form when he consumed the Dark Eco after he defeated Fred of Seven Hells.

Pauladrian360 created this character. Unlike the other appearances DGK make, in this series he is an anti-hero/protagonist. Dark Leopold makes a first appearance in Pauladrian360's series in the Episode "Fred Battles and Dark Leopold" in his first appearance his face looks exactly like him but in Color Film Negative. Later his skin tone change to Gray and Dark hair (resembling Dark Jak from Jak and Daxter series). Dark AGK has the same ability as Dark Jak except he has a keyboard. Oracle later learned him a move called Dark Keyboard Bomb (also known Dark Slam). He's now rarely using his Dark Powers because Captain PS destroy the Seven Hells Dark Eco Orb to prevent Leopold from being a beast.

TheAGKGenerations2000's series

In battle strategies, DGK has an advantage over AGK on most occasions; power, defense, and special. However, if he is managed to get stuck, he has a major weakness on flinching and many other ways that can paralyze him.  He has two forms that differ. DGK the main antagonist in the series "Rise of the Dark Hells". How he was created is unknown.

MilesTheCreator's series

Dark Leopold is a powerful, evil and destroys anything that faces him. He appeared in Angry German Kid.exe, Fegelein.exe and Angry German Kid.Unzipped. He will come to his series soon as well.


Dark Leopold appeared in PVMAGKVIDEOS' AGK Series as well, he was first announced by PatrickStarfist handing over a CD labeled: Unzipped. He then takes it but he throws it later out of the window, probably consumed damage to the dark's spirit. On Episode 12, Leopold has to check on the garbage to bring it back to the front of his house. ( none knows why ) Leopold checks the grey garbage can see if there's anything to check on, while he's doing that Dark Leopold creeps fastly towards him and hits Leopold a few times and turn his whole vision to Dark Leopold's internal Nightmare, he can only escape if he is powerful and brave enough, his whole backyard was all nightmare filled, Dark Leopold's dimension is a hellish landscape surrounded with a big hell like portal and lots of Red smoke and Magma dripping skies. On his nightmare form, he looks like he can transform to anything and makes it Nightmare.

Kimmyfinster2476pro's series

Dark Leopold appeared in kimmyfinster2476pro' AGK Series as well you must be in Episode 108 Coming Soon.

BlueNewton's series

Dark Leopold recently appeared in episode 30 where he was created by Sackboy.exe, the main villain in his series. Sackboy.exe wants him to kill Sonic.exe and BEN since their powers were weak. Then Sackboy.exe wants him to destroy Leopold and Dark Leopold was forced to kill Leopold. Leopold played the game AGK.Unzipped from someone who was outside giving people games. The disk, however, went inside Leopold's computer and Leopold started playing the game. Leopold plays as himself but as AGK.exe, but he was killed off by Dark Leopold. Leopold was overreacting and he still plays the level. Dark Leopold plays very rough and he send Ronald in the stage when he was in Ronald's computer. Then Dark Leopold plays a game back to Leopold and Leopold has to hold the right button to make Ronald run but after Leopold gain victory when he moves Ronald, Dark Leopold came and killed Ronald off insistently. The next stage Dark Leopold played was Leopold's principal: Principal Diknoz suspends Leopold due to being bad in class in school. Then Dark Leopold goes to Leopold's teacher's computer and blew up the building and getting revenge but Principal Diknoz, Dark Leopold uses hazers to kill Diknoz but tried. then he said something to him and it shows Dark Leopold's second form with his eyes being damaged and creepier. After the stage, he's not giving up when Leopold saved him in the game. The next scene shows Hermann Fegelein with Hitler's generals who were worried for Hitler but Hitler, however, was killed off by AGK.exe before Dark Leopold killed AGK.exe off. Fegelein asks Hitler's generals to be their general. Then after one of them arguing, the bunker accidentally blew up. After the bunker blew up. Fegelein hears screams as Leopold still notices he's alive. After Leopold finishes the level, a jumpscare popped up in his screen and Leopold runs away but Leopold comes back to his room which it stopped for a while, but another pop up in screen shows Dark Leopold in his screen starting with a background playing Hello.exe and ready to be out of Leopold's computer to battle.

In episode 31's remake, Dark Leopold battles Leopold the different way since BlueNewton didn't like his older episodes: 31-34. After Leopold battles Dark Leopold, Dark Leopold recently destroyed his keyboard and finished Leopold off using his attacks and zapped him away however another Leopold who was also zapped from AGK.exe came from a different universe where they both were damaged and however knocked out resulting Dark Leopold and AGK.exe both work together after defeating Leopold and Leopold from a different universe.

Other appearances

  • He appeared in Angry German Kid.exe series but he looks completely different!
  • His first actual appearance was nearly 5 years ago but was brought back recently.


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