Despairtopia will probably be the final main story show that AGKParodyVideos will ever make. It features elements from the last line of episodes this year except that it's been countless of times changed now. Since those episodes where just a place holder until he got an idea of what to do next with it. This alone created many rumors of what Despairtopia could actually mean. There still isn't a lot of information out yet.

Despairtopia is a word play on the word "Dystopia". As it reffers to an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic. But with lots and lots of despair.

During the progression of Despairtopia Panty Anarchy has been entirely scrapped. The other remaining characters are Leopold, Juliet, Valentine, Junko and Funky Dude.

One of the interesting characters this show follows are typically Valentine and Juliet. As they both have a same look a like appearance but are both different in mentallity.

Valentine is probably the main character on the surface. She is a lab-enthousiast and also a clue hunter. Little is known on what she may fears or may not.

Juliet is probably another main character of the show, as its been revealed in a concept trailer that she is a genocidal maniac. She burns anything down into her way, she shows no mercy on what she wants simply, "erased". Her main focus is not revealed nor is nothing yet told what made her so genocidal and sinnister.

Leopold plays a big role somewhere else, as its been revealed Leopold takes a dosis of a peculier syringe with a monokuma face on it. It then transfigures Leopold's body into Juliet and his effigy went somewhere else that the syringe took him. It appears to be a dark shadow realm where even more sinnister monokumas reside.

As of late, AGKParodyVideos has said that this will be his most anticipated work and by keeping it breefly unknown. Or small, in his community tab.

It will hold a much smoother experience when you watch it while knowing nothing about it. The solving and story behind these new characters is the only interesting manner. And of course the finale.

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